Naval RB ends with only prelim results

I have been experiencing a relatively frequent issue where I will play a whole naval battle match where all the enemy tickets are eliminated. But then the screen fades to black and on the following battle summary screen only shows “preliminary” results, with no awards. It’s like the match didn’t happen. I’ve seen others mention this online, but I can’t see if there is a consensus on what this problem is. I only recall experiencing this with naval battles and not air or ground battles. For all three, I’m almost always playing RB.

I am relatively new to naval, and am also finding the matches rather odd. Ships will be there on the horizon and then suddenly just disappear. Many of the ships appear to be bots that just sit still and never move throughout the match. The behavior also seems a lot stranger when I’m playing a higher tier match with my purchased Des Moines heavy cruiser. Like sometimes every allied ship is also a Des Moines class—and there aren’t any real human players in the match, at least as far as I can tell. It just feels very odd.

Anyone have the same issue in naval with matches that don’t get scored and weird in-game behavior? I just want to make sure I’m getting rewarded when trying to grind for these higher tier ships. It takes forever as it is.

Yea drops happen for most part it dont happen much the other suspicion you have is correct and Gaijin is doing something albiet slowly its the easiest mode for people to do that and is not allowed but when you can only report so many times in one day and well you see how many there are its impossible for us players to report them all…I play lots of naval so im real if you see me say hi ok!!

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