Naval RB dead?

It feels like after the latest round of BR changes and such naval battles have died out.
I know it’s never been packed with players but 5.7 seems to have died with 5+ minute queues, the ships now moved to 6.0 are constantly sucked to fill the battles of 7.0 so the few players there are now play 7.0 and teams are 80% bots (not even mindless player bots, the marko, Steve, and Robert type bots that take player slots but don’t count as player kills).

Maybe it’s just me and dealing with BR changes that just suck you into endless 7.0 but it really feels that naval is on its last legs compared to this time last year where again they moved the top performing 5.7 to 6.0.

I’m not sure what the fix is to draw more players in, but man waiting 5 minutes to get sucked into a full uptier is tiresome. Plus we all know when we’re in a BB or really the top dog we go for the easiest first.

Maybe it was the remove of the SEA servers but November and now December have become painful to play.

i give up, CA and CL vs BB is waste of time play, only if u buy premium BBs.

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Its because Gaijin (tried to) cracked down on the player bots. Now the only thing left are the bot bots and the actual cheaters. Oh and the occasional legit naval enjoyer.

I was thinking that’s what happened when SA disappeared and RU turned into CIS. Still I don’t think I’ve ever really seen anyone cheating. I’m not the greatest naval player but some people must think I cheat with how easily I found it to kill so many ships with a single salvo, easiest by far being the Des Moines and Newport News and always prioritize them.

The whole game mode just feels terrible now and I hope it can get improved but I’ve only seen the player counts steadily drop when it comes to queuing up.

I just switched to naval arcade. I can’t be bothered to try naval rb with the amount of bs in it

This is the thing since BBs were added, not recently.

Arcade is the way to go. People generally respawn multiple times and on higher BRs they usually know what they are doing. If anybody is having trouble getting used to different aiming system, there is an option to change to realistic one in controls panel. To me personally arcade system is much more handy tho.

Naval… lying dead in a box is more fun than naval gameplay…

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