Naval RB battle matchmaking is somewhat problematic

So today I was happily chugging along in my Somers destroyer, after I passed an island I came face to face with a Baltimore Class heavy cruiser. I fired SAP at his magazine which did nothing. Why did I not try something else you ask? Well I died to his first salvo.

People are complaining that after BR update spitfire m24 will see mig15s.

Well, at least the spitfire can head-on the mig or catch him off guard.

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Oh yeah the naval compression hurts. Generally dont expect to 1v1 something 0.7+ Br above if the enemy is one class above you. Stay behind your team and do as much damage supporting your teammates without drawing attention to yourself.

As for the compression, there is no easy solution. Even the best destroyer spokoiny gets blasted by any 5.7 ship with ease. Even best cruiser newport news gets absoluely bodied by majority of 6.3 and all 6.7 salvos.

For “fair” matchmaking you should either:
separate classes which creates 4 artificial top tiers, reduce BR spread which can kill naval with even longer waiting times we already have and create weird and repetetive battle sets
or introduce more ships and hope for the best which is kinda happening now. Remember we had hyuga on 6.3 lol

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I was so tempted to just buy the des moines…until I remembered how they will suffer against 6.7 battleships.

You are destroyer, maybe use your torpedoes?


well in the 5 seconds that I was alive, I did not manage to fire it off.( eating 8inch rounds to the face) Also there was like 2 km between us, even if I did he will probably dodge It anyways.

come to think of it we were also bow to bow, so it will make it more difficult for me to fire off torpedos and easier for him to dodge it.

American torps suck anyway so no use really even if one had time to launch them.

Yeah high tier premiums are generally waste of money. If you want something good and fun from us I reckmmend knox, it is best premium they have

Its super easy to dodge torpedoes, especially if you see someone launching it at you.

Yep the difference between single BR in naval is too high.

Yeah, half the time I just don’t bother to bring them.

The Somers has awful torpedoes in terms of range, speed, and punch. He’d be long dead before they ever struck the Baltimore.

My favorite thing is the map selection for 5.0+. Nothing is better than playing 5.0 destroyers and then getting an open map with no cover against ships with much better optimal engagement ranges and penetration values than your 5 inch (or equivilent) guns. Absolutely riveting gameplay to try to dodge shells without getting ammo racked on 80 percent of your crew dying before you can actually engage anything effectively.

At 2km a spread of any torps can do the job no matter how is their range or speed.


well bow to bow you won’t have time to fire it. And it really doesn’t matter because the OP is about how BR compression is bad in naval anyways.

Yeah it’s horrible which is part of why people don’t play the mode.

At least the naval playerbase is smaller and generally more supportive of each other than in the big modes. I used to play more naval, I got used to the BR compression but it never stopped bothering me that some ships were unenjoyable because every queue I was hoping that I wouldn’t get uptiered or get unlucky with spawn location and completely destroyed.

I mean, there are some BR issues, but I’m not sure somehow ending up 2km from a heavy cruiser without previously noticing it is a great example. :P


OK FINE. I massively skill issued. But still, the fact that I can even see an advanced heavy cruiser in the same match…

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Naval never closes to 2km range in the average game beyond DD BRs.

A DD will be in 2km of a BB, that isn’t in the enemy spawn in less than 1% of matches.