Naval NPCs still broken years after introduction

Why do these stupid things still have 100% accuracy against aircraft? Bug reports just get ignored. Every BR 7.0 match has a NPC in a skr-1 or pr 206 NPC killing every aircraft that spawns. Bombers cannot be used against battleships most of the time there’s a NPC skr-1 beached somewhere waiting to shoot any aircraft. As if the 100% accuracy wasn’t enough they’re immune from 1st stage ammo reloading, ammo counts and gun overheating . The other day I saw a NPC pr 206 just sail off the map and into the enemy airspawn where it then must have fired about 20,000 rounds spawn killing every player.


once i was killed by a skr in 5km away when i was in a lancaster,and AI’s 76mm shell direct hit me.
so gaijin really need to nerf them

Just keeps the planes away :)

GRB got nuked enough from planes.

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Honestly, I don’t see a reason why NPCs should be that efficient. Versus ships, they barely do anything, so they serve as training targets, which is needed at starting Coastal imo, anyway.
It could be at least consistent vs planes as well in this regard. I could definitely use some training targets for planes.

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Yeah, this is what makes it weird. In terms of firing on players, moving around the map, capping, etc, they’re quite well balanced. But then vs aircraft specifically they’re constantly sniping planes multiple kilometres away with small breech-loading and such, it’s absurd.

It’s so off it feels like a bug.

If it’s the same as the mission editor it’s just a accuracy value that is set between 0 and 100. The convoy bot boats have it set lower. Half the problem is they chose skr-1 and pr.206 as NPC bot units, the bots are immune to ammo shortages and gun overheating making those two drastically more powerful than when used by humans.