Naval needs a fix to the matchmaking, the number of top tier ships in each team has to be even

I just played a 6.0 light cruiser game in which my team had 1x USS Alaska and enemy team had Scharnhorst, SMS Bayern and USS Nevada - that makes it 3 to 1 in favor of the enemy team for no reason. I’m confident this game would have been a victory if the number of unkillable ships was even and its very frustrating to lose a game for no reason whatsoever. This is not the first time I’ve played a match like this, its just one of many to be clear and I cant stand this anymore. If you are not willing to fix the botting issue, at least fix this, its ridiculous to be presented with teams like this and expect that players will somehow figure it out and beat the odds, sure. (especially on the big circle map like this one was) Please Gaijin I beg you to explain this balance to me, I hope you answer and do something about it.

Teams have the same number of top tier, mid tier and low tier players. But unfortunately, MM can’t predict that the top tier players in one of the teams won’t bring out their biggest vehicles (the same applies to tanks).

What about those games where my teams best ship was USS Des Moines and enemy had Kronshtadt and USS Alaska together? How did the MM predict this game ?

Just no luck: your top tiers players dont take they better ships and leave when they see the situation battle …

Not true. The only rule is, “By searching for the team within the maximum spread (+/- 1.0 BR) the number of players in the vehicles with the highest BR in each team will not exceed 4 players.” (link)

First matchmaking combo from the available players that fits that criteria is played. Either team can have 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 top tier players, and there’s no regulation on any BR other than the highest one. Same in every mode. In larger matches (16 v 16) it tends to balance at 4 each but there’s no reason other than mathematical probabilities that it has to.

I thinked it was 1 for 1 top BR players (if you have 2 top players in one side, you have too 2 top BR in other team).

That need to be clarified but that can explain few situations with more top players in a team than the others… And need a rework for equity of battles.

It’s been the same rule for all modes for 10 years, doubt they’ll change it now.

Statistically a 4v3 is going to be nearly as common as a 4v4. The matchmaker has no obligation to wait for an even number.

The likelihood people’s map bans are influencing the probabilities and leading to more skewing of results are much higher than the idea people aren’t bringing out their best ship first in top tier naval.

This has been explained before but basically when you hit the “to battle” button you’re put in 4 pools, one for each BR you’re eligible for. Everyone else is also in 4 pools. When any pool hits the necessary criteria, it pops, and all those players are pulled out of those pools into a game. Only in 1 of those 4 possibilities are you the top tier. Whichever one pops first is the match you get. A top tier pool that has more than 8 players at that tier, and insufficient players below that tier to fill out the side to the expected value is invalid and can’t ever be popped.

In ground this is complicated by nation selection. In naval (as well as other modes) it’s also complicated by map dislikes and bans, which it’s believed can return top tier players that have banned the selected map to the pool and let the other who didn’t ban it proceed to the match.

(Also it’s possible the 4 top tier max could be lower on smaller planned match sizes. All Gaijin is said is that there will never be any more than 4 even at the largest match size. In 6v6s the 4-max rule could well be different. And there is the “join in progress” adds to consider, who it’s believed can fill out vacancies on either side after the original player set has been chosen, but could also introduce unevenness).

I’ve been in matches recently where enemy team had two players with 5.3 cruisers while our team top BR was 5.0. Other games where the BR spread for teams was just 0.3 to 0.7 (I like these two). Sometimes there are squads where multiple people on the team have top BR, but their lineup is something like 2.0 BR below. I swiftly leave these matches.
Everything is getting screwed up lately with unkillable AI and shells not working or barely working. I like playing 5.0 destroyers, but constantly get uptiered to 5.7. It’s like 85% of the matches, the remaining 15% is 5.0, 5.3 and 6.0 put together. That’s just not fun at all. Funny thing is, when I tried 5.3, I got plenty of 6.0 matches. Switched to tanks… 0.7 BR uptier almost all the time as well. I just feel I’m wasting my time at this point. Too many poorly matched games with (what it seems like) predetermined outcome.

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Just a small follow up to my previous post. Had to do that 35 mm or above cannon task today before it expires, so took out Soviet planes. I only played planes for this task. The result:
+0.7 BR uptier - Defeat
+0.7 BR uptier - Defeat
+1.0 BR uptier - Defeat
+1.0 BR uptier - Defeat

Lots of reloading (28 sec.) as the guns overheat after couple of shots. The +0.7 BR trend continues, be it in naval, tanks and even planes. What gives? Would you call this an evening well spent? Why would you want to continue punishing yourself? The gameplay was much better 10 years ago than it is now. Progress??? smh

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Uptier in planes and tanks is painfull but in naval its a whole worlds difference… you cant flank, you cant hide, there is nothing for you to do just wait to get one shot and lose the game… this needs to be fixed