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I believe that mission objectives are of main issues with current gameplay which enhances many of the other issues with naval. Currently we have Domination, Encounter and Conquest.

And I can´t help it but the Domination really doesn´t suit anything larger then destroyer and makes maps extremly cramped.

The Encounter is really poorly implemented because the AI convoy is placed behind enemy spawns which makes the gamemode just glorified team death match most of the time. I think it could maybe work on the Conquest maps with more armored ships to withstand the fire from players.
The Conquests isn´t that bad in theory IMO but I think the maps are too small so players are able to shoot spawn to spawn and so it extremly favors the biggest ship around.

And I really think that implementing some kinds of PvE and asymetrical aspects is way to go. Like implementing some aspects from naval EC but in smaller format which would be able to fit into 20-40 minute format. We already seen some of these aspects tested/implemented.

With the last major update La Royale update we got new fortification mechanic. I haven´t been able to play on the map on them but looking on the The Forts are Garbage - Naval Discussion - War Thunder - Official Forum, there is issue with locking on them and in general it seems that the mechanic isn´t polished.

In 2018 there were also test of convoy gamemode which IMO went really well and I think it really had lot of potential compared current Encounter. [FEEDBACK] Testing of the new mission “Naval convoy” - Naval Discussion - War Thunder - Official Forum

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It certainly feels like the forts are unfinished, not being able to lock on to target them makes hitting them janky, and they can do quite a bit of damage, it needs some tuning but definitely will be a good part of the map when it is sorted


maps are too small, maps are too small… yup…

spawn points suck as it is a cluster of boats all trying to maneuver and then tangling with the bots sailing straight ahead…

gjn needs to spend more time on naval, not selling more ships, instead work on the maps, the game types, etc

yes i agree with the lock on the forts feature as it is annoying also wouldn’t mind health above them so you know now much health each fort has left