Naval General suggestion

hello ok so to start off i have some ideas to make naval easier to get kills in it as well as not being a very long a boring match so here is the list that i think could be fitting

1.(for Naval FCS interface it’s kinda hard to tell where the shell is gonna land yes it has that circle of where it would land but i kinda still gives me the illusion that i am already targeting it so i could suggest a better UI for the FCS system that is simplified and easier to know where shells are going to land

2.(Naval Maps are way too big for a normal battles and what i mean with that is that the Costal Vessels spawn are closer to the Cap while the other spawn point for larger ships like curisers and destroyers makes it very difficult and even frustrating to play since if the FCS system did not help and well for an average player Aim is not that great he would be forced to sail strait at him which in terms would be taken out quickly not to mention that most of other superior ships like battleships and Heavy cruisers takes advantage of it and so for best suggestion is to make the Destroyers and Light Cruisers spawn closer to the Cap or just narrowing down the Map Size will shorten the overall time span of the match

3.(ability to add potential Aircraft Carriers so like the suggestion number 2 if the devs does not want to narrow down the maps size then i suggest adding at least an Aircraft Carrier that can be spawned further on the map with the Same as Battleships, Battlecruisers and heavy Cruisers would Aid a little bit making destroyer and light cruiser gameplay a little more bearable and for a quick profit

because let’s be real here i cannot just spawn at the end of the map with say the USS Moffett 11km away from the enemy even if i spawn in a Costal Vessel would not be as rewarding as Bigger Ships like destroyers and light cruisers a like

so it’s just a very short and stale Suggestion but i hope it would be in the Works