Naval enduring confrontation update

Ladies and gents, finally a game master has messaged me explaining they are on with a fix for naval ec! Get ready to rock and roll and ill see you on the seas shortly!

Define shortly. Still waiting.

Yeah… i got lied to… a game master from steam commented on a post i made… said it will be fixed shortly… that was 12 hours ago… typical gaijin i guess… i reckon realistic will be the same… which switches in 30 mins

Its not a big enough problem for them… 1. Isnt reducing their bank balances… 2. not enough people reporting the issue.

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Where is endu ?!

For this to be fixed dude we need everyone to spam the forums with bug reports for this to be seen, its just switched from arcade to realistic and now BOTH are broken!!! absolute joke man…

knock knock… still waiting…

Everyone reading… please visit here and click " im having same issue!" hopefully someone listens…

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EC IS BACK UP AND RUNNING LADIES AND GERMS. lets hit the seas!! see yall out there

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what is the update ?