Naval EC is showing "over" when it should be active

this is the 2nd week this has gone on. Whats going on ?


and its doing it again today. Being i cannot send in a “bug report” because i was a bit aggressive in suggesting they fix a huge bug i cannot submit to the bug forum.

The whole “naval EC down” has gone on 4 different days that i know of.

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And its happening yet again

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This is getting a bit ridiculous. It keeps saying “event has ended” when it should be up for a few more days, not just several hours.

Its been 8 hours almost… 8 damn hours, are they napping or something?

And now its happening to both arcade and realistic…

hit this link when you get chance and click " i have same issue"

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Hi guys

We apologize for the issues with the event. Our devs are aware of the issue and we are waiting for a resolution.


yo… 5 weeks in a row this has happened… happening again! fix it please?

And now there are constant network issues with servers. ALL THE TIME!
EC is just the only playable form where’s not too much botting going on.

I’ve played naval EC 2 times this saturday… what is your server selection?
Using only EU it’s a bit problematic since seems no one is playing… maybe i was just lucky but manually selecting alla available server i’ll get into game in a couple of minutes.

Haven’t experienced this issue, both played EC was more than 2 hours passed without a lag