Naval Challenges in BattlePass

Can we stop putting Naval Challenges into the battlePass as the entire mode barely has 50 people queueing up with 150k online players across NA , CIS and EU , enough of it already , not many play it and making battlepass challenges revolving around it is pure dumb, needs to be reworked

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How bad would those queues be if there were no challenges though

Reason #58 why I don’t do BP. The BP grind has been purposely hindered ever since the first season. It’s not designed for people with normal social lives and jobs. .

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What part though? I laughed because it’s true, but I’m going for the title. I think perhaps it should be ok for people to get the vehicles. No?

All challenges should be achievable with Air, Ground, or Naval. Requiring all 3 of them components to complete any challenge is unrealistic. Not many people are interested, (or has the time) to play all 3 components of this game.

The very first BP had reasonable challenges. Ever since then, the BP has been used as a tool to manipulate players into playing other parts of the game, rather than rewarding them for being an active part of the community.


The only reason I’m really able to give it a go is I just so happened to sperg out on the Anniversary sale. It wasn’t planned. It just happened to work out to where I bought enough random things that I was in a position to be able to approach the tasks, so I figure I should give it a try since the happenstance occurred.

That’s all good man. You do you. I’m not tryin’ to dog the people who do participate.

I just don’t like that I have to spend too much time doing daily tasks if I choose to do a BP season. Most of the BP challenges are not achievable for me as an air forces only player.

There’s a challenge that requires you to play 5 matches with a tier 3 unit of 8/10 countries. Some of these are just for players that have branched out and played the game a lot. If you just began playing, you wouldn’t even be able to do battlepass without some rank 2, so it’s something for almost everyone.

I actually have the countries, just not the ground and naval. So yea, lots of hard work, and I still can’t complete all the challenges if I wanted to. 😅

I think the only reason I was able to do that challenge simply was because I bought a tier 3 Sweden tank. I don’t even know why I bought it. Otherwise I was very far from tier 3 with that country, and already would have had to grind out China.

I should say I started out thinking I had to do 10/10, so I grinded China before I realized it was 8/10.

And I would not have touched Naval, but I bought a german ship and boat just because I play the tanks a lot and figured I could stack some crew points in there eventually.

Naval tasks are less annoying than air.

I don’t give 2 shits about air (or CAS scourge, for that matter), and vast majority of tasks associated with the air mode are making my eyes bleed.

As Warpig said: “All challenges should be achievable with Air, Ground, or Naval.” Cause seriously: Screw the air battles.

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Or or hear me out you could just SKIP them! Crazy idea isn’t it heh?

I could post the same bloody stupid comment about ground tasks & get the same replies as I generally don’t like GF tasks but I try to do them.

Instead of making pointless posts like many before have already done either A, Skip them or B, play the mode & unlock machinery that’ll help you complete such challenges as I can assure you NF challenges ain’t going anywhere same as GF & AF ones.

Not sure why, naval are the easiest ones to achieve.


Sure, that’s always an option. But the entire point of this topic is to make BP so it’s actually an enjoyable event that doesn’t require so much time doing dailies, when the BP tasks could be better designed to accommodate all players, rather than discriminate on who can complete them.

I know… Enjoyable content is a crazy concept in the frustrate-to-pay gaming model.

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To be completely fair, I think it is trying to accommodate all players from a different point of view. There are some people that can’t do challenges, but there are some that can. It’s based on the amount of time that can be spent accumulating the amount of things in this game, so for people that have spent a lot of time and have a lot, they have something to do that others don’t. In a way, they are being accommodated just like other players with less things also have tasks that they can do. It just looks “bad” when those hardcore players seem to be given access to all ranges of play. A solution could be to block hardcore players from lesser challenges, but they might be robbed of game modes they enjoy because they grinded out of them.

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I view it more as a sales mechanism to try to convince players to play others modes. It’s really not appreciated in a game where we already spend money on Premium accounts and vehicles.

How much money do we have to spend to satisfy our Gaijin overlords?

That’s the point of the battlepass entirely, to get people to queue more consistently. Spreading it out to various game modes I’m sure is meant to inspire queuing into those modes. It’s the same reason they give increased rewards from Arcade to RB to SB.

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