Naval bots ruining naval gameplay

Time after time there are always a few if you’re even lucky. They are just hanging around the back line and locking on to the first target in range. It isn’t even that hard to spot them cause they have stats like this

No ordinary player spends this amount of time in Naval using only premium ships. Is Gaijin even banning the botting players or they just letting them go?


I have a US lineup of 8 ships and planes at 5.0 that is entirely premium.

and these bots are easy pickings and make naval games very profitable.

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Heh, I found one ‘player’ with 12k missions in the P. E., I think he might have had one other ship.

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I do too but after some time it just gets annoying when you get gunned down from across the map as soon as you spawn and you know why that would happen cause the bots only do that. Like sometimes I would just like to play my ships and not have to resort to going in a plane to deal with them.

Uh… no! I’m always looking for the most vulnerable target - and a new ship will be out of spawn protection by the time the first shells hit!!

That is my point I don’t even sail out of spawn. I wait for my spawn protection so I can gun down anyone close. As soon as it is gone I start sailing left and right in a S pattern

And what is the issue? You cant kill a bot?

Spawn in boat, capture two points, spawn in ship, kill bots. Easy win.

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The gaijin dont ban the bots and cheaters… keep calm and enjoy the botgame

It isn’t about killing bots that are the issue. It is that the game mode is only filled with them. I’m not like you who would find it fun watching paint dry. I like some variety in the gameplay each match. Who would have figured the people with no matches not understand the point of the game.


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Play AB. Sorry, but that really is your only option. RB is a PvE mode now. Play it if you want to play vs bots, the people are all in AB.

Kinda odd that certain players are actually defending botters now… 🤦‍♂️


If by “defending” you mean “farming” …

But actually didn’t notice the OP is talking about RB - which I can’t be bothered playing - in AB they are easy meat

I was talking about RB and the Bots I am talking about are the chinese bots that have scripts that run so they all just shoot one target down. The AB bots that are ran by gaijin are nothing and are super easy to farm.