Naval battles - no strategy, only survival due to spawn locations

Hey guys, Its time to fix this… Locations of a spawns on top tier naval battles are just beyond all ranks of stupidity. There is just absolutly no space for taktical gameplay and for some paper ship for survival and there is nothing you can do with it. You are thrown in max speed ahead enemy team with you mates on your sides all ready all in range of main guns. Breaking with toke longer that you can often survive. Turning is ultra limited due to all ships are spawned hull to hull next to each other.

We need to get bigger maps, spawn out for shotting range and someone need to fire guy who came up with this crap or atleast relocade him to ardace battles division.

Have a nice day.


Targeting/spotting over islands also needs some work. Seemingly, Moffets and Helenas can see my cruiser and fire on it, even if there’s a huge tract of land blocking their sight…

Honestly, naval really needs better mechanics in general. Something to shake it up, throw the botters off, give people spawning a chance at survival…


Agree, and if they are changing mechanics, its to worse far as i know. I dont know why my main guns cannot shot on auto.

  1. Im captain not a gunner.
  2. My ship never hit anything with main guns by her self but it was cool to see her trying.
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They got rid of it to stop people from using scripts to abuse it.


And yet, script/bot users have continued flawlessly and only gotten worse since…


lazy fix


Yep it’s complete garbage, sometimes they will fire on you from 16km and you can’t see them though. So basically your taking plunging fire the entire game.