Naval Battles no Fun after Royale update

Anyone else hate this " one-shot kill" nonsense in Naval Battles, after the last update? ?? Everything was fine before that, but it seems all too frequent, underpowered vessels can take out heavily armored vessels with this nonsense , especially with a Scharnhorst, 100% Ace crew, that always survived the heaviest Battles.

WTH, WarThunder? ?? what did you do to the game to implement this.? ?? Make the game enjoyable, not being killed 30 seconds after spawn! !!!

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Naval is finally fun again, as BBs can onetap BBs again, its great, and Helenas finally blow up on ammo as they used to aswell. I love it.

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negative I’m having no issues as you claim. Ammo racking has always been a thing, they decreased it significantly from 2019-2020

Only problem I have after update is that premium ships got 1800% SL reward, so one-death-leavers in remium vehicles are even more common now.

Its always fun to get killed with 1 shot when you’re on “top tier” battleship, feels like you have 0 armor and you’re on a glass boat

fun fun fun

This so much. Helenas are finally dying to BB salvos, ammo penetration and careful aiming finally matters as you cannot kill everything by showering them with HE or SAP across the deck. Hope they dont mess something up since this update is so enjoyable to play.