Naval Battles | Finding a way to get more players or new game modes

So I’m sure all of you know that naval battles have almost no players but this is kind of over the top. I had to wait 20 minutes to just get into a battle and the match only had 3 real players. At that point, Gajin should just add PvE for naval cause how many AI there are in each match.

What are you’re guy’s thoughts on this issue and what could be done to fix it?

At the moment I don’t think Gaijin is interested in the individual game modes at all. AirRB urgently needs changes, GRB wants at least an attempt at a TO-mode, and Naval … yes …

  • Adding submarines to balance BBs (with whole ASW mechanics)

  • Keeping Bluewater type ships for Naval EC only (similar to Helicotpers not having their own gamemodes) and keeping Naval EC as regular gamemode (similar to Air EC)

(Naval EC is much more popular because of size of the map if you really want to play ships)

Naval requires solid PvE mode with role playing aspects, then it will be stellar. Not a spawn point slug fest.

Submarines wouldn’t change much for the gameplay, all it would add is more vehicles to research. I think they need to focus on more pressing issues with Naval.

I agree that there should be a game mode for Naval EC but I don’t think it should be the only game mode for bluewater. What they need to do is fix the maps so you aren’t just spawn sniping the moment you spawn which ends up being the entire game.

Well from what I know they used to have Naval EC like ASB so I don’t know why they couldn’t just add it back and have that option like they do for helicopter EC.

coastal is more or less completely dead, but bluewater fleet is pretty active.

Even then though, bluewater takes about 10-15 minutes to get into a match so both are kind of needing a change.

Well, 20 minutes is not that much. But I really don’t want to wait 20-30 minutes to lose a weak Japanese boat from a “battleship” a minute after it started.

To be honest, first step I think is to just make Naval EC always active, as far as I am aware, the ONLY reason its weekend only, is because of concerns not enough people would play NRB.

It still exists, but only active Friday to Sunday over concerns that too many people play it over NRB

Well for one you could add in more than one service to reduce queue times down to sub 5 mins, But you’re playing in a dead BR zone that has been this way since 2.01 as below 2.0 you’ll find these sorts of matches but above that BR you can find yourself in packed games with 3 min queue times.

To further increase you having better matches you can enable join in progress for sub 3.3 matches.

Thoughts on increasing player numbers for these coastal TT’s,

• They could add in further unique ship types like large torpedo boats +100 tonnes to all BR’s from 1.0 onwards & other support craft for nations that need them like further subchasers (eg RD class for Italy) or monitors, trawlers, barges, corvettes, gunboats & frigates (an maybe converted merchant ships) that will get people playing those BR’s for the fun machines (eg Armstrong Flatiron gunboats, A Castore class for Italy as who doesn’t want a 16" gun at like 2.3 BR), an monitors would be interesting giving these trees a bigger punch as well with many getting 6-18" batteries an if that’s not enough a few coastal battleships as well which will get players into those TT’s.

• Mode wise they could give more then just the Battle/Domination modes for sub 4.3 adding in Encounter as low as 2.0 BR & re-enable the ability to use vessels as low as 1.0 in Endurance Confrontation matches like they did waaay way back for the first three EC matches.

• More specific BR changes that help the mode as there are many vessels that don’t get used due to the competition they face.

Controversial thoughts,

• To increase further players they could finally add submarines to those TT’s which will piss off a lot of players but the amount of ASW equipment in gane would balance it especially since we’ve seen what they tested in the atlantic event.

• TBH if they got rid of rank based economics for these TT’s for the repairs & ammunitions costs there’s a chance more players would use these ships.

• Also if the devs finally got rid of the botter for once an for all with a rather stern decision that rips apart every botter then there’s also a chance for players to come back to those effected BR’s which will intern see more players reducing wait times.

Except balancing armor/gun meta of BBs. Nobody is playing 6.0-6.7 ships because if you get uptiered into 7.0 (and you will) you cant do anything to BBs.

Then all maps need to be based around big islands like some of them are now.

20-30 minutes is horrible for getting into a match. I can wait maybe 1-2 minutes for GRB or ARB and I’m in a game.

Well yes but look at helicopter EC, each game is about 3-5 people in each match but it stays pretty active, it only take like 5-8 minutes to get into a match.

Considering the time I spend in a match I don’t like the RP gain (or the SL one) in naval RB. It should be much higher IMO.
That’s why I rarely play it.

Silver lions shouldn’t change due to some battleships having 600% boosters which is a massive booster for a TT vehicle. But I do agree that research points should be increased or at least make research points and silver lions even, cause the only real point of naval is to get the insane amount of silver lions from battles

I think more exotic map design is the key to getting more players, along with adding new objectives. Most maps around the 3.3-4.3 BR range just have open sea and a single cap point for blue water fleet, and it isn’t that varied. They need to find a way to make the waters ships deal with as varied as the terrain can be in Ground RB.

Considering air RB has some maps that utilize EC mechanics, like [Operation] Afghanistan, I wonder what would happen if they used things like dynamic cap points and objectives like convoys in random battles.

Also, would there be anything wrong with just transferring naval to a room system like how helicopters currently are?