Naval and Coastal Fleet becoming even more allied in the ocean

As we know, not too long ago, the ability to research helicopters using your ground MBTs was added, making all the research gained be donated to the helicopter you were researching at the time.

This was a great help to the community, especially for those players who did not have premium aerial vehicles like the famous Russian Ka-50.

My idea is to implement this functionality in the Naval mode, making the ships donate their earnings to the Coastal Fleet after the match.

This would not only reduce the need to buy a 4K Golden Eagles coastal vehicle but also cut down your grind time in the naval area, thus balancing the two types of vessels.

If you like the idea, I will leave a poll, provided the topic isn’t deleted for some reason (I am not sure if I am in the right topic, actually).

That’s it, just a suggestion from me.

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Yes. But they first need a completely overhauled naval mode (I will post a suggestion soon probably). Currently coastal is just barely viable

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I coulda sworn there was an actual suggestion post for this before…if not, yeah I’m for this. Ideally, they’d reduce the RP cost of late coastal stuff too since the grind to get and spade them is unreasonably high.


yes indeed, especially since top tier coastal is just worse blue water starter ships. And the premiums cost over 8k GE for the highest coastal premiums. it is insanity and unsustainable. They should drastically lower the prices and reimburse buyers ingame

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I think a refund might not be possible; perhaps they could compensate by giving the buyers of these vehicles an Ace-level crew without any additional costs.

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Naval is not fun for me, its utter crap.
First and formst, if you paly costal its total mayham spam of bullets from the get go.
Second no sim version of naval.
In Ground forces and air you have atleast time to to postion your self, there are peroids of calm.
naval is just giant cluster f.

Ther emight be people who enjoy it but i hate an despite it.
Even EC is not better in naval.
Also from the start instant shooting and braind dead action.

nothing is stopping gaijin from transferring the ge difference to the accounts affected

As I said, the naval mode needs a full rework to accomodate the different ship and armament types, as well as new mechanics and dynamic objectives.

Otherwise I also see no bright future for the mode, as well as the implementation of submarines and modern missile cruisers (both of which are already in the mobile version).

I think we can call the “Prolonged Confrontation” mode in the events tab the simulation mode for ships. Since it lasts between 2 to 3 hours if both teams only keep shooting at each other without completing objectives around the map.

Regarding spawning and receiving instant shots, this is caused either by bots or by the map being too small, which results in some players knowing the exact distance to shoot from the start of the match.

And as our friend mentioned, a rework in the naval area is necessary, and consequently, what I suggested should be implemented as well.

Ehh why not just have it go both ways over only one to the other as afterall it’s the poxy splits fault we’ve got two bloody trees in the first place.

Heh it would be a boon to research, researching a dreadnought with an even more expensive ship hah hah hah as afterall the “coastal” TT has a horrible SL gains to average RP gains, Heh a BR 4.0 Rank V destroyer researching a BR 6.3 Rank V dreadnought ahh hah hah hah…