Naval Ammunition Stowage

Has anyone else had the understanding that taking less ammo made a difference for survivability in Naval similar to how it works in Ground Battles? I was and found that that is not at all the case for, what I am assuming, all the ships. I used the Moffet and Des Moines for testing and found that until the last 8 shells (Moffet) were loaded, a full load of ammo was modeled. It seems that taking a lighter ammo load will make no difference for survivability on most, if not all, ships. In the pictures below, you can see that 2880 shells is modeled the same as 96, which would make a massive difference in the survivability of the ship, especially the Moffet. I checked the Blagorodnyy as well and it is the same.

So it’s only for a few ships, and not all of them… That’s great.