NATO hump being over exaggerated?

Is it true that tanks with nato hump are incapable of firing the canon over the engine at 0 degrees of elevation at least? For example there is quiet a gap when the abrams canon is over the enigine. A game called “Squad” have made it to where the abrams can properly shoot over the enigne at 0 degrees.

they cant in real life without overriding computers so they cant in WT

Really depends on the tank the Leo 2 can overide the safety and put the cannon further down but what angle it is i dont know

it’s highly exaggerated…

Seems more of the case that they can however the potential hazard is damaging the engine. Unsure how but there’s a possibility. So it isn’t done unless necessary. Which will likely be never.

Makes sense. The only pictures you usually see with the barrel touching the engine deck is when they are set up for transport.

There’s no way in hell that Leopards, Abrams or any modern tank with a hump can’t override the protection in an emergency, such as when the tank is immobilized and/or when there’s a threat in the safe zone. Multiple mechanics and tank crew have said it’s possible

But not implementing the various ways to override creates a big weakness for NATO in the game so they’ll probably never fix it, same reason why autoloaders can’t be broken.

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Yeah I’ve been thinking about that recently. there should be a damage model for the autoloaders for MBTs to start.