National Foundation Day in Japan: Rare Vehicles Temporarily on Sale!

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After the Meiji Revolution and the restoration of the emperor’s power in Japan, it was decided to establish a national holiday to unite the country around the ruler. The occasion chosen for the celebration was the accession of Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan, which, according to legend, took place on the 1st day of the 1st month of the lunar year.

With the transition to the Gregorian calendar in 1873, it was decided to fix the holiday date to February 11th. This holiday was abolished in the post-war period, but later returned again in 1966 — no longer as a celebration of the emperor, but as a celebration of the founding of the country.

Discounts in the Store!

From February 8th (07:00 GMT) until February 13th (07:00 GMT).

Type 16 (FPS) Pack

F-4EJ Phantom II ADTW Pack

IJN Yamashiro Pack

Japanese Starter Pack

IJN Kiyoshimo and the A6M5 Ko temporarily available for Golden Eagles!

Don’t miss out on these vehicles while they’re available!

When: From February 8th (07:00 GMT) until February 13th (07:00 GMT).

Where: Japan > Bluewater fleet / Aviation > Premium vehicles.

About this ship

  • IJN Kiyoshimo is a Yugumo-class destroyer that saw action in the Pacific theater in 1944. It’s fast and maneuverable, and its 127 mm main guns have good ballistics. One specially good feature is its torpedoes, which are fast and extremely deadly, as well as its excellent air defense to help fend off enemy aircraft.

About this aircraft

  • The A6M5 Ko is a Japanese fighter with unsurpassed maneuverability in combat. It’s armed with good 20 mm cannons on the wings and 7.7 mm machine guns on the wings which have enough ammunition to deal good damage. Use the Zero’s agility to dodge enemy shots and get behind your opponents!

The Type 74 (G) is back for Golden Eagles and is here to stay!

Pickup the Type 74 (G) that’s back for good!

When: February 8th (07:00 GMT).

Where: Japan > Army > Premium vehicles.

About this tank

  • The Type 74 (G) is the most modern modification of the Type 74 MBT that was developed in the 90s. This tank has decent mobility and is equipped with a thermal imager and hydraulic suspension that’s capable of adjusting the height of the hull. Its gun is accurate where the real star of its ammunition loadout is the Type 93 APFSDS round with armor penetration up to 405 mm — one of the best shells at this rank.

Earn the “Dancing Cranes” decal!

Get yourself this cool decal by completing the below task.

When: From February 8th (07:00 GMT) until February 13th (07:00 GMT).

Task: Play 3 battles using Japanese vehicles to receive the “Dancing Cranes” decal!

“Dancing Cranes” decal

Additional details:

  • You must use a minimum of rank III.
  • Your activity must not be below 70%.
  • You can complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions, [Assault] mode and Helicopter PVE battles.
  • Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → Founding Day of the State in Japan.
  • You can find the decal in the “Holidays” tab in the Customisation menu.

Might actually pick the 74(G) up next sale, ngl…

It seems tempting, and I already love the other 74s.


Nice decal, I’ll get it!


I really wonder why its not possible to include the information about the GE amount which is necessary to buy the prem. vehicles in the news?
Can somebody pls post the GE price for the IJN Kiyoshimo? thx!

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Oh look, you can get national holidays on time. So it’s just Australia day you get wrong every year?

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Sure, I think we can include it in future special events

IJN Kiyoshimo is 4,880 and A6M5 Ko is 3,850


good news - thx a lot!

Oh, I have another suggestion for future events. I’ll probably have to save it for the next roadmap though:

Right now, even if you grind out 98% of an event’s star and don’t have the time to finish the last 2%, you have to pay 100% of the GE prize to buy it.

IMO it would be fairer to subtract the amount of grind that has been done from the GE prize.

For example:

95% grind
5% GE prize (50 GE)

50% grind
50% GE (500 GE)


I don’t have any insight in the market, but I imagine that more players would be willing to pay a medium amount of money to get their prize in addition to doing a more realistic grind.

Sorry for going kind of offtopic.

As for the actual topic: got the decal for my Japan collection!

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50% off is extremely tempting, hope to see more stuff like this for other nations…

Just know it’s perma 10.3 games.


it would be nice if tanks from previous events, for example ka-chi, were sold on such holidays

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Tank 9.3 premiun haha on this one I don’t get caught. Permanently 10.3 no thanks.

Fix the MM and then you pass the dataphone.

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Hi @Stona_WT!

Since I’m currently travelling, I won’t have access to the game until 14th February. Is it possible to buy the decal for GE from the War Thunder assistant app? It allows me to purchase vehicles, items etc, but not decals.

It looks very pretty, it would be a shame to miss out on this one. But anyway, cheers!

We need more decals for Japan Armour oddly neglected when they are so good.

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Where historical campaign?

There was a sale of Boomerang’s during Australia Day.
Posting misinfo ain’t cool.

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Japanese 9.3 always goes to 10.3, but it can hold its own at that tier, but only with good teammates and if you’re paying attention.

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You’re literally buying a premium so you can get your overtiered lineup uptiered to 10.3 every time.

Better to just Talisman a 9.0 or something and avoid that nonsense

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Aware. Would mostly be using it in custom lobbies with friends, anyways.