Nation Grind boost delay

So with the feature people wanted quite a lot delayed, lets discuss the proposed boost and ways to make it actually useful, because 3 battles a day max is laughable, I would rather 2% extra RP rather than a boost to just 3 battles each day

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I still want to know how they plan to apply it to SB, if they plan that at all, but yeah, should be a fixed rate on all matches not a boost for your first matches of the day when you are likely playing the worse

yeah I agree, I would rather every nation apply a 2% boost that stacks rather than a larger 3 battle boost

I’d prefer more than that, maybe 15% regardless of how many nations you had maxed out. I only have one and at most might consider 1 other. That bonus only becomes meaningful If you have all and want to grind out a new nation

agreed, this boost is supposed to make people find grinding another nation easier, so if someone has made it to the end of a tree, they should get a boost to grinding other nations so they have a reason to grind other nations

If the planned 3 battle amount was say, 20%, then you’d have to play SIXTY matches to break even with 2% universal instead, lol. That’s like 10 hours a day

I meant 2% extra boost per nation you reach top tier with, also I was being conservative because you know how gaijin is


Wait… It’s only a 3 battle boost? 🤦‍♂️

And Gaijin is still worried that we’ll progress too fast. 🙄


Ah, still, how many people have like 3 whole trees unlocked

In general, I think it’s almost certainly better for us if it’s a 3 battle maximum. because most likely, they have a specific number in mind they’re willing to hand out overall, and they’re just going to scale things to equal that number on average no matter what the details are.

With 3 battles, at least you can milk all the value out in a short period of time, if you’re busy, whereas if it was spread out, you’d have to play the average number of games top tier people play to get the average, which is harder.

it the reward went until 3 wins then it would be kinda decent but 3 battles can just be so bad, I have had many days when the first 10 or so battles have been utterly useless in my progression.

a smaller constant boost overall in my opinion would be the best thing along with getting rid of the stupid limitation for grinding stuff more than 1 rank below


Yeah, first 3 matches of the day is what it says. But no comment on how or if that is applied to SB, but considering the total RNG nature of RB, no guarantee youd make use of it.

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This game feels more hopeless by the day. I had a list of premiums to buy for the sales, now I feel stupid for even thinking about it…

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yeah they raise hopes then , kick you to the curb when you ask for a half decent progression system


I haven’t even looked this year. Usually do a year’s worth of sub too, but not gunan do that either

I spent my last 20 gaijoobles not ganna spend any more

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Where did they mention 3 battle boost?

Here it is, not set in stone, but all the info we have for it so far

this would be great if it weren’t for the first three battles thing, that just kills it instantly, just makes it functionally useless, worse than a booster

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