NAPCO/Ford M8 TOW Tank Destroyer

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NAPCO/Ford M8 TOW Tank Destroyer

In the years following the end of World War II, many nations benefited from the surplus of weapons available in the US army. Colombia in the case below was one of these nations, acquiring units of M8 greyhounds in 1953.
In the 80s, these vehicles were already showing wear and tear from years of service and were already looking antiquated in the face of the new technologies of the Cold War. In this context, the Colombian government hires the services of the company NAPCO, to modernize the vehicle fleet.



The changes consisted of removing the Hercules JXD 6-cylinder in-line, 5,200 cc, 110 hp gasoline engine and the Warner Gear Company transmission to replace them with a Detroit Diesel 4-53N 4-cylinder in-line, 3,480 cc, 136 hp engine and an Allison AT-545 transmission. This power plant was taller, so the engine cover had to be raised just over 15 cm.

Replacement of the M6 37mm cannon was also carried out, using components from its Miller Printing Co. M23A1 mount to integrate a Browning M2 50 Cal. (12.7mm) machine gun to which the pre-existing pedal trigger system was adapted, also taking advantage of the M70D telescopic barrel sight and the removal of the M1919A4 30 Cal. (7.62mm) coaxial machine gun and its trigger to provide space for the ammunition feeding mechanism. A pedestal was installed on the tank to carry the anti-tank missile launcher in the upper right part of its open turret by means of some bolts.

the vehicle could carry a maximum of four missiles, one available in an immediate access case for quick loading installed transversely in the external rear part of the turret and another three for reloading in stowage cases inside the vehicle that were located behind the driver’s seat, in front of the machine gun operator’s position (left of the turret), where there was previously the ammo for 64 rounds of 37mm.

Result of the changes


The changes and additions caused the combat weight of the M8 to go from about 7,937 kg to 8,180 kg, an increase of 243 kg of which the substitute engine contributed 70%, however, the repowering significantly improved the performance of the tank, which passed to have a power/weight ratio of 16.62 hp/t. Although the changes to accommodate the 50. and the TOW were ingenious, the missiles use was limited by requiring possible to fire only when the vehicle is stopped. In the end, whether due to financial difficulties or analyzes of performance below expectations, less than 10 were made, as the life of these vehicles was reduced and all units were removed from active service by 1995.



Crew: 4

Dimensions and Weight:
Mass: 8.180 kg

Length: 5.08 m

Width: 2.54 m

Height: 2.80 m (with TOW)

Main Armament: BGM-71A TOW (1 ready to fire and 4 for recharging)

Secondary Armament: Browning M2 12,7 mm

Torret rotation(M8): 14º/s

TOW rotation: 14º~17º/s

Vertical guidance: -? / 25º

Engine: Detroit Diesel 4-53N 4-cylinder / 136 hp

Transmission: Allison AT-545

Suspension: Leaf spring

Maximum Speed: 92km/h on road

Power to Weight: 16.62 hp/t

Turret: 19 mm

Gun mantlet: 25mm

Front (Upper Glacis): 19 mm

Front (Middle Glacis): 12.7 mm

Front (Lower Glacis): 16 mm

Side: 9.5 mm

Rear: 9.5 mm





Spoiler • Ver Tema - Ejército Nacional de Colombia (EJC) page 42

M8 Greyhound - Wikipedia



Possible US premium, but I’d like to have it in a Latin America tech tree. Either way +1


Cool, but I would rather see hummer variants come to the game.

It should be a rank 3 tank destroyer, US tech tree, the country is colombia

I think it would be a great vehicle in the game! :D

I hope we get a South America/Latin America tech tree soon

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Definitely would be happy with both of those

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…rank 3 ATGM… just no…

I also believe it is very low for an atgm vehicle

It would still likely sit at a higher BR than Type 60 ATM, the lowest BR ATGM vehicle.
Rank 3 is a ridiculous proposal for an ATGM tank that even has a cannon to boot, however weak said cannon may be.

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maybe higher rank then. but the armour is not suitable for high rank

I hope you are aware that the vast majority of ATGM carriers in game have very comparable armor, arguably would have lower mobility while having obviously similar armaments?

M113 with TOW launcher is at 8.0, I’d argue this vehicle is better than that thing…

yeah ok

+1 for Latin america tree