Namer got hit in the ammo and destory

i got hit in the ammunition and the tank explode like the ammo is in the hull. it didn’t even hit the spike missile. just a ammo box on the terret. it is APSFDS not HEAT or HE


The KF41 does not ammo rack when hit in the spike, I dont think the VILKAS does either. I belive this is a bug.

im so so disappoint what i have in the game now. this is unplayable. only thing that can make a kill is spike in a far far away by hide behind the rock and that still not help. Got hit in the ammo box and boom gone


Just take only 1 Belt with it and you should be fine until they fixed, done the same and i dont explode anymore

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Vilkas did when the vehicle was first introduced. It’s the same with every vehicle that has a crewless turret. PUMA had a similar issue as well.

in dev server it just burn not explode. if they know it going to happen why not fix before in the game? or they are S want player to complain first?

well… still not work for me.