Namer 30 - General Discussion

Withstand 2? The entire front is practically immune, even after some hits (and to an extent the sides). Just take a look at footage and images of the Merk mk.4 withstanding several hits and only being disabled, not penetrated the point the crew was injured.


Bad protection and speed tho

10.7 works for me. It’s not on par with other 11.0 vehicles.

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The front plate should take it just fine no matter how many times it gets hit, but the armor on the sides is SLERA, no? It should work once or twice and be blown off, right?

The T-90A has far worse speed/mobility with also less gun handling and gun depression.

10.7 is the best BR for them. they aren’t on the same level as 11.0 vehicles like the M1A1 while also considerably better than some of the 10.7 vehicles.

Pretty much yeah, but going off gaijins record with the fact the Leopard 2A5’s composite armor falls off after repetitive shots, yet for some reason it still functionally there and works despite being visually gone… ehhhhh idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯

But yes that’s pretty much why I said to some extent relative to the side armor.

Does it actually? I’ve played the Leopard 2A5, 2A6, PSO, and 2A7V a bunch and had the splitters knocked off, but I never noticed they could still stop shots.

I saw someone test it once, works just fine as if it was never gone, it’s quite funny.

The Merkava’s side armor and blowout panel covers can be knocked off as well. Do those still work when they’ve been taken off?

I wouldn’t know, they still get penned anyway lmfaooo
But yeah probably, I’d have to test it or see someone else test it first.

Wish they’d fix the damn thing’s armor being worst than RHA.

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Literally anyone that isn’t Russia or Sweden, I guess.

According to RAFAEL the Rcws system company the Rcws-30 weights approximately 1.5 tons, without the spike missiles with would put it at around 2 tons, The Merkava mk4 turret weights approximately 20-30 tons, Anything else on the Namer that still make it weight 63 tons is nothing but ARMOR, I have no idea how gaijin concluded that the Namer could be As armored as the Mk4 With that 20 ton turret gap


If the Namer will stay at its current state of armor in the live server, I will try to open a petition

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The issue is that the merkava uses SLERA which degrades after each hit so the more you get hit in the same spot, the less protection you have

Its been two years now Merkava 4 (all) armor values too low and mislabeled.

Image of the Merkava’s “thin” sideskirts


It’s been two years since this bug report was made, eight months since it was acknowledged… and yet, nothing has been done.

With Namer coming, can we expect from it and Merkava Mk.4 to get better armor than a Leopard 2A4 from 1979?


High probability is not possible

Oh its possible alright, they just wont do it for their own reasons which they refuse to be transparent about.