Nameplate Symbols of the Italian Tech Tree

With the addition of the Hungary TT to the Italian TT Gaijin made some changes to the Hungary Nameplate symbol.

Hungary symbol

The new one:
Hungary sybmol new

However, the aircraft that had the old symbol still have the old symbol. The result is that there are two different symbols for Hungary nameplates.

Does anyone know if this is intended or on the docket to get fixed? IF so when?

On a related note, Italy still has the same symbol as Britain, France, and Sweden.
Italy Symbol

I believe this should be changed. And like Germany should be done in both WW2 and postwar versions. Are there any plans for this? There should be. These nameplate badges seem awfully easy to do (if they are complex, I would love to hear about it).

If anyone could help, or hell, just chime in I would appreciate it.

Hungry used the triangle

Ofc they did. I am well aware. The point is that the vehicles don’t have the same symbol. Not what the symbol is.

They later on changed it

Further digging in Hungary did not service any F-84s. So it was likely an error. But one thing to mention is that the Hungarian roundel of 1990->1991 was this.
While 1991->Ongoing Present day it is this

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