Name Bug in Certain Missions Gets INNOCENT People Chat Banned


As the title suggests, people in certain missions can get chat banned for doing nothing - but being in the mission.
The issue is easily replicated in missions where the counter of players that joined exceeds 64.
Every player that joined after 64th player will not have their own nickname and userID, but someone elses. This means that someone who is completely INNOCENT can get chat banned for things which they never said.

This is a severe issue which is present for the last 3 months or so, and most noticable in Custom Battles which are often very populated (GODs, AFRICA, HEAT Pilotage,…) - it needs immediate addressing.

Issue has been bug reported multiple times, and multiple times have there been forum posts of people getting chat banned for this. The fix is nowhere to be found!
GameMasters are useless on this topic as no answer has been provided to me but the reason why I got chat banned. (for things which somebody else said, that is)

It is not the fact that I am chat banned. It is the fact that somebody can impersonate me, or someone else, and say things which I, or someone else, would never say - and they get away with it.



Sounds interesting. I’ll see if I can get enough people to replicate it