N1K1 Kyofu - need data of aircraft speed/G limits


I am curious why N1K1 hydroplane has so poor structural limits. It losts wings at 600 kph and has only +7G/-7G wing overload limit. Sometimes i feel like i play heavy attacker/light bomber when i see these “reduce speed” and “extreme overload” alerts so quick on my screen. Strange because plane seems to have very “sturdy” frame.

Can someone upload some data (ww2 reports, pilots notes etc.) which proves Gaijin’s limits setting for this aircraft? I couldn’t find such data and i think that these limits are just Gaijins imagination. Even A6M2-N has much better speed and G limits.


+1 Here, I think it’s probably because Gaijin doesn’t want it to actually perform well even (and especially) with the pontoons snapped off.


I was also suprised. I thought the N1K1 would be an upgrade over the A6M2-N.

Topic should be in the historical section though :)