My Two Predictions/Hopes for Top Tier in the June 2024 Patch

As we all know, Gaijin is planning on adding '90s Fox-3 missiles to the game in the 2nd major update of this year (ie. June 2024, source). In the playtest we saw a variety of missiles equipped on planes we already have in game. However, I would like to discuss possible vehicles that may also get '90s Fox-3s next patch.

Japan’s Fox-3 Carrier
One of the major points I would like to discuss is the need for a Fox-3 capable plane for Japan. Japan’s only option for the near future is the F-15J (and not necessarily the variant we have in game right now). The F-15J currently in game will need to receive upgrades, much like the F-15A. However, the type of upgrades received, and whether a whole new F-15J gets added, are up to Gaijin. Personally, I am predicting/hoping for two outcomes:

1.) The less improved F-15J outcome - Gaijin adds AIM-120Bs or gimped AAM-4s to the F-15J alongside an upgraded radar BUT the F-15J does not yet receive its HMD. The same can be done to the USA’s F-15A, receiving an upgraded radar (AN/APG-63 PSP) but no HMD. This can be paired with other additions like the F/A-18A/A+ and J-10A since no new F-15C or Flanker is needed.

2.) The more improved F-15J outcome - Gaijin adds AIM-120Bs or gimped AAM-4s AND HMD to the F-15J alongside the AN/APG-63(V)1 (ie. going full J-MSIP, just without adding AAM-4s yet). This upgrade necessitates counterparts to be added elsewhere like the F-15C MSIP-II, Su-27SM, and J-11A (especially since it’s literally just a F-15C at this point), and probably would not leave room for the F/A-18A/A+ and J-10A since other planes “took their spot”.

NOTE: I would not expect AAM-4s to come to the game YET. Maybe in a not-so-far-away patch when AIM-120C-5s and R-77-1s get added, but not in the initial wave of '90s Fox-3s. If Gaijin adds them in a gimped state, sure, but I’d personally prefer AIM-120Bs for consistency and simply as a placeholder.

Both options would be great in my opinion, but I would urge Gaijin to go for option 1. In my opinion, just slightly upgrading the F-15’s radar and giving it Fox-3s WITHOUT giving it HMD puts it on par with the Su-27S and J-11 we already have in game. Adding the F-15C/J with Fox-3s AND HMD necessitates the addition of a Fox-3 capable Flanker in my opinion, so option 1 allows other planes to be added WHILE current planes get their Fox-3s.

Option 2, in my opinion, seems more plausible for the first Fall patch. Adding the F-15C/J, Su-27SM, and J-11A (maybe even with AIM-120C-5s, R-77-1s, and AAM-4s) echos the upgrades we got for the F-16 and MiG-29 in Sons of Attila last Fall (as in the F-16C and MiG-29SMT), but with the F-15 and Su-27/J-11 instead.

Overall, I hope Gaijin decides to add Fox-3s to the F-15 but not through the addition of F-15C/Js with HMD yet. This is so we could hopefully also get other planes like the F/A-18A/A+ and J-10A without needing counterparts to such upgraded F-15s and Flankers.

My hopes would be that there was a pause on top tier to go back and add Spaa units and more low-mid rank vehicles.

Tbh i play this game for these vehicles not top tier. And yes im a sweden main that doesent play the most OP top tier. Idc if sweden top tier is strong im not playing it anyway

Im just really tired of top tier hype.