My toughs on the situation about 2S38 not going BR and Sweden and German dominance in top tier

I really don’t care for going up BR to be honest, 2S38 isn’t that good, the vehicles that it can face makes it useless and works well as a support than offensive, if someone has the patience and the perfect ambient for disabling modules such as cannons and tracks, go for it, free kill.

3UBM22 deals almost no damage but has very good penetrations values at point blank for its caliber;

BR-281U can do damage because obviously it is a armor piercing high explosive but since most vehicles in this are just empty spaces, would need 3 or 5 shoots do destroy it.

And since it takes 5,0s to reload one more shell to the ready rack, in close combats, this may be a issue, and this applies for any high caliber auto cannon such like Strf 9040C with the same 20 rounds.

And said that I don’t care for any BR changes to 2S38 I wish developers add something to counterpart Strv 122 and Leopard 2As.

Recently in .com forums a guy suggested a vehicle called Obj. 299, which I supported and would be so nice to see any meta player going crazy because a extra buffed AGS behind a hill shooting a 152mm shell.

And it was passed to developers on .ru forums.

About USA the DU armor could create the same problem, playing something with spall liners and DU armor would also be so nice but it is just another meta, quick moving vehicle with 5,0s reload time and maybe the strongest armor ever seen in game? Probably.

About UK, it reached the end line, with the addition of the Challenger 3 TD, as it latest MBT in stage of production, I doubt if there’s something more than a future combat-ready version with huge ERA bricks protecting the huge frontal plate.

About Japan there’s nothing to say at all, as the stationary army, TKX, in 2010, it is the latest MBT. But still, in-game, has access for 3 TKXs and 2 Type-90s tanks, all of them with really good mobility and offensive power.

About China, is one of the few that can be good a certain point against those, FY-5 (practical counterpart to Relict) are one of the best we see in game, as it isn’t really a problem, since Chinese players has access to 3 well protected MBTs.

About Italy I have no idea, maybe, the recently introduced Centauro 2 or accurate models and stats for Ariete, but, would be cool some Italian wheeled going crazy shooting NATO standard on targets or shooting down Kamovs with MP shells.

About France maybe with accurate models and stats or maybe the EMBT, counterpart to T-14?

About Israel, accurate models, because I don’t know anything that could counterpart anything as Strv 122s and Leopard 2As in a balanced way.

Note that It’s my opinion, and maybe, your vision about me may change knowing I’m Russian main and knowing how Russian mains are treated in .com forums I really don’t care knowing this topic begin deleted.


yeah nah the 2s38 is overpowered and should move up appropriately… I do not agree with your assessments.

[quote=“Viispy, post:1, topic:101140”]
And said that I don’t care for any BR changes to 2S38 I wish developers add something to counterpart Strv 122 and Leopard 2As.

(says to not uptier his premium, goes on to ask for a paper tank to bolster his lineup)


Counterparts to ingame BVM gets added, russia is in shambles, asks for buffs.

For real, since the addition of 2A7V, its been fun hearing how 1 (ONE) uparmored german leo 2 that cant be UFPed by BVM completly breaks the game.


The funniest thing is 2A7V is so far ahead of BVM in capabilities.
BVM really went from 6th? at best to not even top 10 after all the new additions.

The pre-production and full-production versions of the Chally 3 are gunna be radical improvements over the tank we have currently.

And all challenger 2s are still not accurately modeled and are underperforming significantly


Yeah. Challenger 2s can improve further with general torque and physics improvements to WT.
And production Challenger 3 can be added in the future.

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Thank you for having the patience to state the truth in the face of this insane ongoing bandwagoning

Not too mention we are still waiting for that mantlet upgrade promised. Its still a weak spot the size of… Well… A challenger 2

I have one question how would you rate all the top tier mbts?

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1- 2A7V. DM53 out of L/55, Armored enough to stop rounds that aren’t DM53 and M829A2.
2- Strf 122. More armor than 2A7V. Runs M322 ammo [m/95] instead. [This is technically 3 tanks]
3- M1A2 SEP/SEP2. M829A2 on a 5 second load. Hull armor’s the only bad portion of this.
4- ZTZ-99A. Mobility for days. Adequate armor. Slowest reload.
5- T-90M. Armor.
6- 2A5/6.
7- Type 10.
8- VT4A1.
9- M1A2 standard. Ammo and mobility.
10- T-80UK.

I cannot in good mind put the BVM above the UK despite BVM’s paper stats of gen 2+ thermals and turret drive.
That T-80B turret from 10.3 has gotten more BVMs fragged by my hand, and myself fragged by the hands of all tanks that can see 11.7 to justify T-80UK being ranked higher in my eyes.

T-80UK has a laser warning system, retains 3BM60, all while having a superior armored turret to T-80B.

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not a bad list i would maybe swap the type 10 and 2A5/6 just for the 4 second reload and sights