My thoughts on the latest crafting event

No, not an angry rant this time.
Reason being, now we can play sim! Previously avoided the events because the Air RB grind is just not for me.
Being on Xbox it looks like casually playing will get me the Ki-48. If future events are like this and there is an option again for a GE buyable 4x multiplier then I’ll be able to get 1 main reward by casually playing (I’m on console btw, I don’t think PC has this option).
Also the extra 2 days are useful.

Some constructive criticism:
-Make individual parts/papers purchasable for GE incase someone sticks money into it and just doesn’t make the grind and basically threw away GE for nothing. Simply the risk of throwing GE for nothing is a reason for me and others to be apprehensive buying a multiplier. Knowing you’ll be able to buy some missing parts in the end makes it less risky to stick money into it.
-A nicer main air reward. I think me and many others aren’t really drawn to the F-100F.