My target J'ed out of the battle zone and I didn't get the kill. Is it intended?

I was chasing an ME 264 and managed to burn 2 of her engines. But she was escaping to the out of bounds so I stopped chasing and started to wait near her supposed respawn zone. Suddenly, enemy pilot J’ed out and I got no kill credit, only some mediocre score from damaging him, no crits etc.
Is this intended? If so, this is another way of grieving people, just fly out of bounds and J out before you are pushed back to battle field.

It depends on distance to target. There is a system in place so J’ing out gives kill to nearest plane. If you were far enough away it might not have detected you.

I think it is slightly different. When you J out without any damage from someone else, someone close random will take the credit, even if they didn’t damage. But let’s say I critted a plane, I died, that damaged plane died 5 minutes later than my death but I can still get the kill if no one else damaged that plane.
In my case, I damaged him, or tapped him in RPG game terms. I must have the kill. Otherwise, anyone can J out after they made distance to deny the kill.

I am positive there’s a timer on kill crediting.

Might be, but he J’ed out less than 1 minutes after my last damage. I turned inside battlefield, loitered on air some time and saw parachutes from his plane.