My shell wont kill the enemy

my m1a2 sep has a shell that is supossed to pinn 629mm of armor . I shot a leopard 2pl once in the back of the turret once in the front of the turret ,once in the front of the hull once in the side of the hull once in the side of the turret .Not a single member of his crew was killed .Before i could get my sixed shot off I get killed from the enemy with 1 shot .Six shots cant kill a leopard but only 1 shot to kill my m1a2. What the heack I’m I doing wrong .I hit him with what should 5 kill shots but he didn’t lose a crew member .that doedn’t sound like it should even be possible.So I must be doing something wrong .What is my mistake ,besides driving American tanks lol

can’t play this game if doing everything right but then i get punished.I just understand what i need to do


My guess is you weren’t aiming for the kill shot, you probably shot at random spot that can be penetrated. In the screenshot, I see you shooting the side between the the engine and the crew instead of aiming exactly where the crew is at or ammo rack or any vital spot for the fragments to hit its target. Which also means you probably did the same for the rear, and front sides. Front hull, I see he has only 2 ammo so it won’t do you any good unless you shoot the left lower side of the hull where the driver is at. I have no issues destroying leopards sooo probably just need to learn its vital/critical areas for that 1 shot.

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I disagree. It should not take 6 shots to not even kill it, especially moving the shots all over like he did. That’s ridiculous. It’s blatant anti USA, or a bug, is all that is. You’re telling me the very top of the line tank of the TT for USA can’t kill it out of 6 shots? Nah that’s BS. I could see if it keeps hitting tracks or barrel over and over but not all over the turret and body. I’ve noticed myself with the same tank, being up close like that and multiple shots doing nothing at all in the past. Like it just ricochets or does nothing. Just another example of some of the messed up things happening in this game.

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Listen…you do over 629mm’s of pen it’s not going to do a lot of damage if you are aiming from the left or right of a tank your basically over pressuring the target, the objective of killing tanks in higher BR’s is aiming direct front or rear and sometimes slightly angled if you know where to shoot.

When you are shooting a target threw either front or back or slightly angled your kinetic round starts to lose its velocity and start to penetrate the armor meaning you have a higher chance of shrapnel and killing the target immediately.

Basically you’re overpressuring most of the targets aiming on the direct side.

In the last photo you did aim forward but you shot one of the strong points the weak points most MBT’s in war thunder have is the neck or the lower part of the hull or…i could just be wrong and you just have a skill issues and is new to using the m1a2.

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Again I disagree. In my A1 SEP I’ve been up close like that on tanks, in this example I would mostly say Leos 2A6 and T80 BVM etc, and with multiple shots just getting no damage hardly at all. I’m talking shots to the direct broadside, all parts of the turret especially where ammo is, and areas where crew are. I’ve seen the smoke and stuff from the shot impacting, but it just does nothing, and sometimes I mean absolutely nothing. Like a bounced shot. A point blank shot 90° to the turret straight on should never be a bounce, especially close up like this. It’s not all the time but I’ve experienced it time and time again. Maybe it’s a bug with being so close I don’t know. Maybe something with the code needing shots to be made further away I don’t know. But it has been a thing for a while now. I understand your point about spalling, but in these cases with moving the shots all around the tanks and what I’ve seen, nah it shouldn’t be happening. I remember shooting 6 shots into the back of a 2a6 and another time into the rear turret of a BVM, with zero damage, not a single bit of damage at all. I think the 2a6 was already shot in the front by my teammate from way off while I was directly behind the tank, and it couldn’t rotate it’s turret at me, so I just kept shooting it expecting it to die. It finally did but it took me 6 shots, up close. Just doesn’t make sense. When other times in 1 shot to the same location it blows up.

I, too, am experiencing problems with firing at opponents at point blank range at their turret. I inflict 0% damage, then, they fire and I’m dead. I did a damage / protection analysis of the opponent and they only had 76 mm of armour to my shell with137 mm of penetration. This is an obvious bug or this is an example of a new type of hack.