My R24R has a fatal error

R24R is difficult to hit the enemy
Whether it’s interception or head on, my r24r is difficult to hit the enemy
This is completely different from what I did with the R24R last week
I firmly believe that this is not my skill issue because last week my MiG 23ml had a KD of close to 1.8
Do you have the same situation

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Yes, im feeling it too. The Aim-7Fs are now unflarable and R24Rs cant hit anything.

Aim7F are radar missles you cant flare them

Also the Aim7s are also a bit broken sometimes they just decide to ignore the target and go to space

They aren’t a bit broken, they are completely useless. It can’t even fly straight even in the most ideal condition.

Same with skyflashes. You shoot them, and if your radar somehow doesn’t unlock your target for no reason they just go to space and implode for no discernible reason

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I agree. After the update most of the time R24 goes to nowhere or loses lock, even if we stay with radar lock on the plane. Something is wrong.