My question is... why american tank are so bad?

i have some top tier tanks premium and non premium but when im playing with russia or the british alwways looks like i can survive and do more than with america and 90% playing with american tanks looks like im being punished by trying to do diferent things SAP V2 is just abrams wider that armor around is paper…


I think many people feel this way because they try to brawl and tank shots like a heavy tank. I try to use the abram’s speed and quick reload to flank and crush enemies who over extend.

I suppose that I dont feel the same as I dont play any mbt like they can take a shot. I play them all as if they have 50mm of armor.

the point is some times bredley can hold more shots than the MBTs AND the fact the frontal plate is the weak spot is the wrost part

try something like Merkava or Ariete, and you’ll find Abrams are doing just fine. Adequate armor, decent mobility, and fast reload. The only problem is that US top-tier is filled with one-death leavers that are either wallet warriors or leave if they can’t spawn CAS.

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my main problem still the gun/weak spots when im engaging some enemies looks like i have to be 300% more precise than him agains russian tanks its almost impossible some times to hit a good shot and always when i can do a good shot i get one shot by the same guy cuz i made the gun red not black. i know there is bad tanks at the game rn but american tanks looks like are “artificially nerfed” mainly some weak armor thew cant do any dmg and some heavy armor thew go trow like paper

Actually, I agree with you. But the Russian tanks (80BVM/90M) are just really badasses. Just avoid CQB with them, try use slopes, play defensive and ambush more, take advantage of your turret armor…

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The American tanks aren’t bad it’s just the user.


another clown i guess


Well your correct at the Thickest they only have 50mm

They’re fantastic weapons, lol.

why continue a match in a bad tank if you can’t spawn your nation’s only advantage?

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Your advantage is your mobility and reload. From playing some Russian mbts my biggest problem was dealing with the far superior gun handling and reload of the Abrams.

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China ZTZ-99A,VT-4A1,WZ1001(E) LCT:???
Italy Ariete PSO/AMV:???
Some countries are even weaker than the United States,No need to complain

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American tanks aren’t bad, but they’re also not good. They’re okay, which isn’t bad nor good. They get job done in no fancy particular way. And this rule pretty much applies to the entire American tank tree. Only exception would really be the bottom-end Shermans, like the 3.3/3.7 ones.

America hasn’t been amazing in ground rb for a while now. People are just taking the “Hold W get kills” mindset they acquire from playing the Shermans, proceeding to buy the Click Bait and/or Aim, and trying to apply the same logic only to find out you actually need to stop and use your brain at higher BRs.

The probable main reason for the extremely low win rates at top tier has some to do with other nations getting spall liners and fuel tanks that eat spalling, sure. But it’s not even the majority reason. That belongs to the US being the first nation to get a rank 7 premium tank. Had they released one for each nation at the same time, I can guarantee you that EVERY nation’s win rates would be drastically lower or at the very least different that what they are now.

What??? My freebums is bad??? NOOOOOOOO this can’t be true!!! MERICA STRONG!!!


I can’t wait for top tier, so I can spread some freedom :)