My post regarding the discussion of Thai as a sub-tech tree for Japan got locked

We have had quite a good discussion and exchanging of information regarding Thai Vehicles and armed forces going for quite a while until several people began to come there and talk about political and sensitive stuff. The post was locked by the moderator named Stona_WT and I’ve sent the Private message to the individual regarding the problem and permission to creating similar thread. I am posting this topic here to both as a receipt and request for PM.

I am truly sorry and would like to apologize if my threads have caused you offenses or discomfort. Thank you and have a nice day.

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First off, my commiserate that your thread is closed. It’s not your fault that the thread was closed, so you don’t have to apologize.

Yes, we obviously had a good discussion about Thailand at the WT and narrowed the differences.

Someone made an off-topic claim with “Japan doesn’t teach any war history because they have an anti-war curriculum. ”, and I cited Japanese media reports and Japanese history textbooks to refute that claim.

And it seems that Stona decided this was an off-topic flame war and locked the thread.

It was meant to refute untrue political claims, but I can’t deny that I also got off topic. In this regard, I would like to apologize to you and the other contributors.

I sincerely wish that someday Thailand will be represented at the WT with their vehicles (even the TT if possible).

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Hello, if your former post was locked, please PM moderator to inquire what happened instead of any discussion about moderating behavior. That will cause more confusion for other users to understand what happened.

Thread locked.