My missiles steal my kills

it happens that when I set fire to a target or when I hit it with a missile as a kill it only gives me 200 rp instead of the standard 1100 rp per kill (even on targets hit only by me)

the mig 21 was damaged but flew calmly, whereas only I hit the vixen but I didn’t get the full kill

Can you try getting some recordings or sharing the replays please? Someone will break down the logic or show if it’s a big. Thanks 😊


this for the game is 200 rp
it says (remainder of the reward) without anyone other than me touching it

have you checked the total reward for severe damage plus final kill?

oh god thanks you mate thanks now everything is clearer in game it is not marked as kill at least once it told you serious damage but now it doesn’t say it anymore (in game)


no problem :)

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Once upon a time there were at least 10 words in Italian to indicate severe damage but now they have completely removed it


Glad we got to the bottom of this. I would recommend making a bug report to let them know this lack of clarity has proved an issue.

It’s annoying but these days you get 80% for severe damage and then 20% for the rest of the kill, the way it’s displayed is just bad.