My missile doesnt work like it should

So, my r27er is on its way to an f16, i am locked on the f16 perfect lock nothing wrong, i am aprox 6km away and my teamate is 3km away, and the missile decides “screw your radar lock” and kills my teamate and now i get -sl because of that, why? And i had a perfect lock on an f14 and the missile goes for the chaff even tho my pd radar on the mig29smt is still perfectly locked on the f14, why does this happen, i am not playing this game anymore, it sucks.

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It depends on what the missile is illuminating, think of it this way, the radar lock tells the missile where to point, but then the missiles “sees” something else like another plane, because it crossed it’s “eyesight”. “Ooh plane” and it goes for that one. Same with chaff (Though if this is in PD/MTI I think this is a bug)

Same thing happens to my AIM-7 from time to time.

its a pd radar on the mig29 so it shouldnt, my sarh missile acts like a ir missile and goes for the chaff even tho its locked on someone else not the chaff, and i never change my radar from pd to anything else so my radar is always the same

idk how but they managed to ruin all missiles this update, my r73 pulls 20gs and gives up, like stops pulling decides to miss, misses unaware targets who are fully afterburning, and somehow goes into a flat spin

Did it do that more than once?

i made 2 posts lol, one on the r27 er and r73, “Is this normal? I shot my r73 at a target abt 1.5km in a head on type situation, my r73 was pulling fine and was gonna hit, and it just went into a flat spin, yes a flat spin, it was still burning in the flat spin. And also today my missile missed a fully afterburning f14, it didnt even run out of speed, it just decided to miss (it pulled like 20gs and gave up)” from the other post, and many other scenarios where it missed non aware targets with full afterburner…