My impression of the nations in War Thunder in 11.7. I would be yours

I just have to give my impression of all nations in 11.7 in War Thunder

In short

Israel 11.7 All Merkava Mk4 versions are garbage All have no armor against KE you can not play the tank offensively get one in the hull it makes boom because a funny developer in War Thunder thought we place 2 rounds of ammunition standing in the tank exactly behind the Montor Super. Playing defensively is also not good because your whole tower is not armored, especially on the underside of the tower, every shot destroys the whole tower and you have lost at least 2 man crew. Very authentic considering that the Merkava is designed for defensive combat in a partially covered position. And of course popping out the easy crew also makes sense considering that the main factor in the development was to put the survival of the crew above everything else, you can see in the game that it’s really great. His real background comes very well in the game. But Gaijin I understand already got secret documents from Israel sure that the whole tank has no protection go KE shells.

Sweden 11.7 Not too strong my impression good tanks with Strv 122 and Leo 2A6 and also all the other Sweden tanks in the BR than what you imagine a Leo and what you imagine light vehicles and my opinion either way the CV 90 armored personnel carriers are the best in the game would even say better than the Puma

Good nation but not their kind like OP

Italy 11.7 Yes, the Ariete has no armor but a super cannon with a good DM53 The tank Can’t do anything very well but not very bad either. I have had very good experiences with the tank. The wheeled tanks are also very good, I would even say the best in the game. Ottomatic Yes, everyone knows anyway Geiles part.

China 11.7 Super 4 Tanks 2 ZTZ99, ZTZ99A and WZ1001 are all 4 super tanks but although they are the most similar to the Russian ones they are not at the same level eg ZTZ 99a My favorite tank in China in 11.7 because you can’t like one Playing Russians is not possible, I know from experience because the armor is not as good as that of the Russians, which shouldn’t surprise anyone in War Thunder. Good anti-aircraft with gate everything super

would say not too weak and not too strong

France 11.7 Is my favorite nation 11.7 I love Leclerc because everything is fine my opinion but you still have to drive smartly otherwise you’re dead quickly the way the tank is in the game I imagine a modern Western MBT: and Ito great part

In my opinion one could argue whether the Leo 2A6 is better than the Leclerc taste thing or even the Abrahams

British 11.7 Well, the Challenger 2 used to be my favorite tank until they annoyed the turret because the tank used to be a wares hull down monster, despite its major weaknesses, anyway, the only thing it was good at. But now it’s just rubbish because since the nerve of the tumor armor, especially the gun mantlet, you’re actually dead after an average of 2 hits because everyone already hits the mantlet, you always get it, sometimes 2 and sometimes a 1, so you’re not very survivable. Playful well not more very funny well yes and they have an ADADS good part

I would say Brits are no longer worth playing in 11.7, so I can also drive leo 2a6, he can do everything better than da Challenger 2

German 11.7 yes same thing as Sweden not OP but well have almost the same tanks

USA 11.7 Well I would say the Abrahams is a great tank super armed super armored and very mobile you just have to make sure you don’t show the slewing ring then the tank is a really tough opponent in a hull down position but what a coincidence that this tank has no hull armor. You should tell the stupid western tank builders that you have to armor the hull

Super nation but not an op because here too you have to work with your head otherwise you won’t be successful

Russia 11.7 Where should I start? I can’t get rid of the feeling that Russia has a special status in this game. It doesn’t matter what it is in War Thunder and I don’t know if Gajin is paid by the Russian instead, but what’s going on here in the game with the Russians it’s just a joke and pure propaganda the Russians have the best AA in the game Panzir no anti-aircraft can keep up here no let me persuade me. You have the best ground attack aircraft with da Su 25 you have the best helicopters. And now we come to the panzer T80 BVM on the front plate as good as immune. Even a Rh120 L55 with DM 53 to less than 100 mm can’t do anything to it, it’s like shooting with blank cartridges. So that means the best protection in the world comes from a t80b with a new engine and relic additional armor through at the shortest distance and that affects all tanks of the Russians in this BR but since BVM is the worst tank it doesn’t matter what you do with these tanks you can play hull down they are better than everyone else i don’t know any tanks in the game that are as hard on the turret as the russians drive around openly no problem you have non-penetrable front armor or only a small spot where you can get through but that’s also very correct during all western tanks don’t have hull protection and the russians only need to attack you, the same picture always emerges in 85% of the cases in the matches the russians slam all western tanks together in a few minutes if they have to move openly and you’ll be overwhelmed. Although I know that a western modern MBT should easily take on a T80b with additional armor but according to Gajin and their shitty Russian propaganda for years the Russians are the best nation in the world Even 40-year-old t80s are superior to the best western tanks, the Nato and the did everything wrong Russia to power Gaijin should see the 'facts and they’re just like that the Russians are tanks from the Soviet era mass tanks that weren’t particularly good but that wasn’t important either because many were supposed to be built during the West was a bit different and tanks were developed for completely different things, but Gajin should get involved with Soviet tank construction before they just do propaganda here, please

and if all these Russian propaganda machines are so strong in War Thunder, why were the Soviet tanks so bad and unsuccessful in all the theaters of war in the world, there must have been a reason, but Gaijin is doing a little history course

I hope you find my assessment of the game very nice. I would also like to hear your opinion. I would be really interested

And sorry for some spelling mistakes, hope you understand it anyway


Tip: Dev Team of Gaijin are mostly Russian

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Aside that they also have the best coastal vessels and the best capital ship. Best fighter jet is still the rus/east german Mig-29. The rest you already stated…best Strike jets, best heli, best mbt, best spaa, best IFV, best anti tank missile carrier.

Its no exaggeration, but they have indeed the best vehicles in every single category of this game. One might speculate why, but the answer is probably rather easy :)


Yes, the explanation is mainly Russian, coming from Gaijin, but they shouldn’t position themselves so politically, that belongs in the game, shouldn’t be as authentic as possible, even if that brings disadvantages for the Russians