My guns deal virtually no damage

My guns deal no damage, even the known good cannons. M39, Vulcan, ADEN/DEFA and GSH30-2. My situation pretty much dumbs down to getting hits that shold shred people stalled out but I instead leave them spinning in the air or flying almost operatively and then someone one shots it with the same guns I use; or one shot me when I find myself in a bad situation. Last match I picked the ju87 d5 with the six mg151s and I’ve barely critted two planes, then a 109 F-4 with a single mg151 very much one shots me the moment it contacts my plane which not only is notoriously tough structurally speaking but it’s also mostly empty space.

Why this irony? Is RNG real? I’ve had this issue forever.

I always use as much HE as i can.

What belts are you using? What aircraft were you shooting? Where did you hit? How many hits? Which shots of your belt hit the aircraft? What aspect did they hit at?

Yknow… Server replays would greatly help, not nondescript anecdotes.

what belts?

server replay

just search for my nickname, you’ll find plenty of these situations I say.

Or, hear me out here… Link the server replay to the situations you’re referencing.

i’m saying that every match shows these kinds of situations; since i play air battles and it’s about gunning people down.

i have noticed the new defa belts feel like they do nothing at times but they did add a lot of ap to the air belts

Again, can you link a match where such interaction happens? If it happens every match, it’s either a major game-breaking bug that only you seem to talk about, or it’s some lack of knowledge of the game itself.

Seeing as this post was updated at the same time as “Gun damage is a little ridiculous right now”, I would assume the latter and would much rather go off of solid proof instead of anecdotes.

Have you used the Akan m/55? It is a smaller shell, though its HE belts do wonders with the new tracers.

i have not i do wonder how much of it is just bad luck lol

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I’ve had both occasions where my DEFAs do absolute jack, and others where I have 4 ammo left and tear 2 planes in half with a collateral shot (not literally, just a nice dogfight where the last 4 shots pull a wing off). They’re insane when they want to be.

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personally I would call almost all the guns mentioned in the list serial crumblers, ergo I absolutely have no problems, maybe the DEFAs have some stumbles but in any case they do very well

Dude you are the one asking for help - you do the work!

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may i suggest using ground belts. Ive found that they do a hell of a lot more damage against aircraft than air belts do, this applies mostly to Hispano 20mms but also ADEN 30mms and most other aircraft canons I’ve used

here my last match… even with GSh23L which has given me more one tap kills than any other gun i’ve ever used. Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On