My Complain about inconsistent damage model of trees/bushes and placement

I realy dont like the fact that the very same bush or tree behaves differently on each map. On one map i can mow down a whole forest with my wiesel MG and on other it does just nothing to it. Also changing to HEAT ammo sometimes helps but on another map it doesnt do anything aswell. Also the artifical placement and unnatural feel of positioning bushes and trees exactly on places where u have to have a peek a boo with the enemy is so anyoing. The fact i have to try my MG to see i can get rid of this bush and if it ddnt work the enemy know my position and from his perspective the bush does not obscure enough on his side and makes him simply shoot me.
I would rather see there is always the same behavior at least so i can do something at this peek a boo spots rather then obscure my self completly and loose my tank always due someone on a advantage position with a free view. Also on winter maps, there i no explanation when i comepare to “reality” why trees now not disapearing like they do on other maps “magicly” but not in winter maps. It realy destroys immersion a lot since u can feel theyre just placed to make your life harder for spotting.
Please change the system to caliber/Explosion capability of projectiles evenly on all trees and bushes on all maps the same.

And now wind blowing the trees around you like they are going to get sucked up into a hurricane but 20 feet away across the street, nice and calm???
Really low class programing and just lazy work.

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