My account is freeze

my account is freeze
but i can not open your link or change my code
my used account is “Edited” i ask you and your email say:

Rares (Gaijin)

Aug 11, 2023, 13:53 GMT+3

Please create a request the same way as you did for this one, but from a different account.
Best regards,

Support Specialist (ISL)
Gaijin Support Team

so how can i solve this problem ?
you just unfreeze my account “EDITED” or what ?

this is my new account
thank u very much

Please do not post Personal information, you will only open your self up to a number of risks…

If you account is frozen, then you will need to contact Support, they are the only ones that can help… But, if you have done so already, then you will need to wait for them to reply and give you and answer

Do you have another active account? because if so i believe you will need to have it frozen/deleted to get a new account as having more than one is against TOS

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