My account is bugged

Hello. Ive tried researching this specific topic before but couldn’t find much info. The problem i’m facing is that i have 2 accounts (one is my main that i’ve had since maybe 2015 and my friends account).
my main account has this problem where even with premium i don’t get nearly the same XP as for regular friends account and every friend that i’ve played with gets like 2x more XP than my main account even if i placed above in the leaderboard. With over 900h of playtime i’m stuck grinding and my friends account managed to catch up to me with just about 200h of playtime. At first i thought that i’m just bad or that they use premiums all the time or something but im sure that my account is bugged. If there is anyone that has knowledge or ideas on this let me know! Thanks. (Not sure if i’m posting in the right topic so sorry if this is the wrong place).

You can check this on your battle reports… Bonuses for premium account are shown. You can also compare with your friend’s account in the same way.