Multipathing change and FOX 3

The change to multipathing and the implementation of Fox 3 missiles, ruins Air Rb. Every plane that doesnt have Fox 3 or needs to grind Fox 3s, has no chance against Planes that can carry 4 to 8 Fox 3 Missiles and can stay outsight the range of your Infrared and Radar Missiles. I would suggest that the changes to multipathing are reverted.


I knew people would complain, but removing multipath change is just going backwards. This is an important step to make and it should stay there.
I would say however, before we get a major BR decompression, not a single jet without FOX3 that’s above 12.0 will be ever playable.


I can’t understand you guys. You continue to say the new meta is missile chaos, while it was also chaos before, except on the deck and with IR missiles. Is it possible you’re just having a hard time adjusting or learning? Please don’t ruin this, I’ve had the most amount of fun in top tier since the old days. It’s also funny comparing it to ace combat (i read that often on Reddit now), because that’s EXACTLY what it was pre-patch.

I get the stock plane argument though, they should give it 2 basic radar missiles and chaff, so you (have to) learn how to use it properly. Also, BR decompression needs to happen, BUT: You don’t have a “right” to be hand-held by an unrealistic game mechanic like multipathing which was ridiculously exaggerated pre-patch.


We should absolutely ask Gaijin for 2 Radar missiles and Chaff as stock.


The more modern Fox3s will get the less multipathing will affect the missile. Personally I think that it should stay at 60m bc it is a good start for people to learn how to notch, etc but I do totally a agree with you that planes carrying Fox3s should get moved up in BR. Plus maybe stock ARH missiles and most definitely stock chaff at let’s say 12.0 + (The stock grind has long not been as terrible as it is currently)

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You can not fight back against planes with ARH because they can pretty much counter your every move by just slinging another FOX3 at you. There is not a single reason to make the grind this awful. Even playing nearly spaded planes without ARH is absolutely pathetic when 80% of your games are uptiers.

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If anything that is more horrible than the stock, I’d say it’s the incredible BR compression right now. They severely underestimated the power of FOX3.

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The more difficult the grind, the more money they make since people will buy GE to just buy the upgrades.

have you found a way to make chaff work against AMRAAMs?

until the point where it’s too difficult and the people stop playing

yea but by that point they will see a cost benefit analysis with reduced player base then make a change, until then they have to milk the cow.

that happens more than you may believe tho

they gave us stock missiles when Missile thunder took off because we complained so loud

2 years later they gave us stock Advanced missiles because it was literally ungrindable

now that the Meta has shifted from IR missiles and IR/SARH combined over to fully BVR they must eventually give the players some sort of Radar homing missile stock

Not saying it wont happen, but until it does you have thousands of players paying to get GE to unlock parts of the jet to be competitive. Like the new AV-8B plus for the US four aim-9L are rank 3 unlock, the 9m’s and 120’s are rank 4. A subsonic high br plane and the grind for that is ridiculously annoying so it almost makes you have to buy GE to unlock it otherwise your just going to get frustrated. After a few thousand people do this and complain they may adjust it, but until then they will make money from it.

So i tried for giggles playing the Grippen 12.7 we all know how good it is. It is absolute shit now, not having Aim120 or it’s equal is just a death sentence in top tier now. That is not balance that is just BS. I personaly dont care i will use the prem plane to unlock the 13.0 and then GE my modules (but not everybody can)

the problem is not the reduction of multipathing to 60 meters. It’s something that needed to be introduced and I think it’s also a fair compromise, the point is that due to the way the terrain is modeled you can now apply it practically only on water surfaces, for the rest it’s impossible since there aren’t the real proportions. TREES. There cannot be 70 meter tall trees that have no impact in terms of defense from radar, they must reshape the land with the right proportions, at which point the 60 meters will become exactly like the 100 before.
Second question, they should introduce progressive BRs based on the changes applied to the vehicles. Have an initial BR given by the flight characteristics of the aircraft, and each selected upgrade (including weapons) affects the real BR and therefore matchmaking. At the moment it is practically impossible or at least eternal, to grind some stock aircraft such as the new Belgian F16A, at BR 12.3 if you end up in uptier. It is a perfect example, stock can be nothing more than an 11.7, progressively increased by BR to 12.3 but only after it has access to 6 aim9m (and indeed perhaps even higher). the same concept could be applied to any type of vehicle, tank, ship and helicopter (damn, review the RP, one life is not enough)