Multinational battles

Multinational battles, why is it even a thing? And this is not only to the one aspect of the game, it is everything Gaijin has been doing of late.

““In War Thunder, aircraft, attack helicopters, ground forces and naval vessels collaborate in realistic competitive battles.””

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To the mod that will be reading this eventually, feel free to pass on this free copy to your web dev team :

In War Thunder, aircraft, attack helicopters, ground forces, and naval vessels collaborate in competitive battles designed to emulate realistic military scenarios. However, it’s essential to clarify that the term “realistic” within the game’s context does not imply strict adherence to real-world physics, mechanics, or historical accuracy. The pursuit of realism is often tempered by considerations for gameplay, resulting in adjustments to flight and combat mechanics to ensure balance and playability in the online multiplayer setting.

While the game maintains a degree of historical accuracy, concessions are deliberately made to facilitate an attempt at fair and competitive gameplay. This includes introducing vehicles or technologies that may not have seen combat in reality, contributing to diversity and variety in gameplay. These intentional deviations from strict realism are part of the game’s design to enhance the overall experience and cater to a broad audience.

In summary, War Thunder attempts to seek a find a delicate balance between realism and playability, providing players with an immersive experience that captures the essence of historical warfare. This nuanced approach accommodates a diverse player base, ranging from history enthusiasts to those seeking a more serious and challenging virtual warfare environment.

  • realistic



having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.
“I thought we had a realistic chance of winning”

representing things in a way that is accurate and true to life.
“a realistic human drama”*

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Cause multinational war games is realistic.

Yea, at this point this game is just a cash grab waiting to make enough profits then be abandoned when pressure is put on them like most scams. If the no refund policy wasn’t making this obvious enough.

You came to the wrong forum.
What you describe isn’t the game this forum is for.
War Thunder follows digital refund guidelines for USA & EU.
And they’re not abandoning this project, nor is Eagle Dynamics abandoning DCS if you think that too.

My personal note

In presenting my argument, I want to emphasize that my concern lies not in the historical accuracy of how vehicles encountered each other, but rather in the representation of allied nations within the game. It appears that the current approach no longer adheres to a thoughtful pairing of nations but rather employs a randomization method.

Consider, for instance, the longstanding issue that has been consistently raised by the community. The game prides itself on realistic historical battles, yet scenarios arise where the Axis and the Allies find themselves battling against the Soviet Union and France. Similarly, in Cold War settings, improbable alliances between NATO and the Warsaw Pact against Sweden and Italy defy historical context.

While the intention to inject diversity and address the potential monotony for veteran players is commendable, the implementation falls short. The game fails to consider the relative strength and number of vehicles when pairing nations. Rather than restricting alliances based on capability, both teams often end up composed of identical countries. This oversight, in my opinion, contributes to the game’s monotony and raises questions about the strategic depth of gameplay.

Furthermore, I find that certain aspects, such as the muzzle flash of Anti-Aircraft guns on Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft (SPAA) vehicles, add to the fatigue experienced by players. It becomes a taxing task to remember the specific weak points for penetration and damage on one’s own tank when facing adversaries from the same nation.

In conclusion, I’m genuinely frustrated with the state of the game and the seemingly careless decisions that have been made. It’s infuriating to witness features that could be easily fixed being left to fester. The current approach is not just hasty; it’s downright lazy and half-assed. It’s disheartening to see a game with so much potential being marred by such thoughtless choices. It’s about time these issues are tackled head-on and resolved, or the game risks losing its dedicated player base. This needs to be fixed, and it needs to be fixed now.

DCS and War thunder is not even nearly comparable DCS has well implemented game mechanics that add to you the players immersion. War thunder does not. And for the refund policy last i checked here in Sweden when i made my purchase it was non-refundable and it wasn’t GE or premium account but instead a Pre-order. on the Vidar. I have since regretted the purchase due to not being nearly satisfied by it. Since they as i should have realized before it came out that i couldnt and wouldnt stay at 7.7 And im going to be blasted for that statement but i will stand my ground and say that that is most definetly additionally False advertising. No i dont work in law nor have any connections to it. So forgive me if my statement(s) could be false.

It’s refundable so long as you didn’t play the vehicle or use the pack bonuses.
Identical refund policy as GOG.
Valve & EA have more open refund policies, but Gaijin & CD ProjectRed have to protect themselves as well.
War Thunder has immersion and well implemented game mechanics.
In-fact War Thunder has been years ahead on DCS on some things such as landing physics & atmospheric density simulation.

War Thunder has never once claimed to be historical reenactment.
Historical reenactment harms realism anyway.

As i said i just want to experience one nation against the nation its was supposed to meet. don’t care about if a vehicle actually met each other in combat just that one tiny fact. and i want to experience it without having to skip on earning RP and SL because custom battles.