MS 475 "Vanneau", COIN Morane

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Morane Saulnier 475 “Vanneau”

COIN Morane (contre tout chacal)

About the Vanneau and its interest in War Thunder

The MS.475 Vanneau is basically a twin seat MS.406 originally built for training, later converted as a COIN aircraft during the Algerian war. As such, it loses the HS 404 canon but it gains 4 hardpoints for either bombs or rockets. I believe that makes it an ideal contender for a low tier (1.7-2.3) CAS plane for France. Having only 4 rockets pretty acceptable in this condition, same goes for the bombs.


The Morane Saulnier 470 aircrafts were a serie of post-war propeller planes meant as a reconnaissance aircraft and training fighters for future jet pilots. It was based upon a pre-war aircraft meant for training, the MS 430, which development began in 1936, and first flight occured in 1937. However, the length of its development, as well as the Armistice condemned the plane. Despite the Armistice, the Morane Saulnier society continued to study the project of a training aircraft during the war, that took the name of MS 470. It developped the project under the nose of the occupying Germans, and finally completed the first prototype, that was able to fly for the first time after the Liberation, in 1944. The French Airforce immediately took interest in the plane, which was then further developped. The first version to be mass-produced was a modified version of the MS 470, the MS 472, Which was nicknamed “Vanneau”. The plane first flew in december 1945, and was given to the Air force for the next 5 years, as well as a brand new version for the navy, the MS 474.

The MS 475

However, the plane was known to be a bit complex, its engine fragile, and lacked manoeuverability. It wasn’t really appreciated by the pilots, who prefered the american T-6 as a training aircraft. This is why starting 1946, a newer version of the plane was designed, and took the name of Morane Saulnier 475. This version, equipped with a more powerful and more reliable engine, the Hispano-Suiza 12Y -45 V 12 , proved to be much more manoeuverable, more reliable, although the engine was a bit fragile. This version made its first fly in 1947, and entered service in 1951.



Morane Saulnier MS 475

Although it was originally used for training, it found a new purpose when the Algerian war started. Almost 200 of them made it in North Africa, and its reliability, as well as its superior manoeuvrability and speed in narrow spaces such as the Djebel mountains made it a first choice at the beginning of the war for a ground attack aircraft. Therefore, It was modified to carry armament. Here you can see a photo of said aircraft equiped with 4 rockets as well as a pair of 7.5 mm MAC 34/39 machineguns. This is a page of the book L’armée de l’air en Afrique du Nord : 1940-1967.



Ultimately, the massive arrival of American T-6 aircrafts ended its carreer, and it was progressively replaced starting 1957, and ultimately disappeared during the 60’s.

There were three other prototypes, the MS 477, 478 and 479, which were all variations of the engine. All three were abandonned. Both the 477 and 479 had a prototype built, not the 478, as the Isotta Fraschini Delta engine was rejected.

Technical Datas :

Crew : 2

Wingspan : 10,65 m

Length : 9,05 m

Height : 3,62 m

Wing area : 17,30 m²


Empty : 2351 kg

Total weight : 3125 kg

Performances :

Maximum speed : 445 km/h

Range : 1500 km

Service ceiling : 8500 m

Engine : Hispano-Suiza 12Y -45 V 12

Armament :

2 MAC 34/39 7.5mm MGs

4 hardpoints to carry either 4 rockets, or 4 x 60 kg bombs


Drawing :



Paintjob :



Photos :








MS475++Ren%C3%A9+Vallet+01.jpg 1 - Aeronefs sur l Algerie(1)_000021.jpg

Sources :


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Et soundain surgit face au vent le vrai vanneau de tous les temps…

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