MPK Pr.11451: Shallow Water Domination

Today we’ll tell you about the Pr.11451, a Motor Torpedo Gun Boat coming to the Coastal fleet tree at the end of the line for the USSR.

MPK Pr.11451: A Motor Torpedo Gun Boat for the USSR at Rank V


  • Very high speed.
  • Automatic 76 mm cannon!
  • Good torpedoes.
  • Hydrofoil.
Vehicle History

In 1984, construction began on a new type of small anti-submarine boat for the USSR. Project 11451 boats, thanks to their high speed, towed sonar array and powerful weapons, were supposed to search for enemy submarines. A group of several of these boats could very quickly move to an area for the chosen search, carry out the search and if necessary, quickly move to new coordinates. Despite the planned large series of MPKs, only two Project 11451 boats were able to be fully completed before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Meet the MPK Pr.11451!

The Pr.11451 will be added in the Seek & Destroy major update as a new top tier Coastal fleet boat for the USSR. This amazing hydrofoil combines excellent weapons and very high speed and will be a good addition to the top Soviet naval lineups. Let’s have a look.

Coming in with a top speed of 120 km/h, the MPK Pr.11451 is driven by two gas turbine engines, has hydrofoils and can easily overcome shallow water. Thanks to this, this boat will be an ideal assistant when going for capture points in the coastal areas! It’ll be easy to be the first to capture points at the beginning of a battle, and it can quickly get into cover and evade shots. The general disadvantage of hydrofoil boats however, is that if you slow down in shallow water, you’ll probably end up getting stuck, so be careful here.

Download Wallpaper:

Alongside its agility, the MPK Pr.11451 also boasts excellent weapons. The main caliber of this boat is an automatic 76 mm AK-176M cannon on the bow, already known to you if you play the MPK Pr.12412 and 12412P. This gun has a good rate of fire, although not much less than the Italian Sparviero cannon. You’ll be able to pick from HE shells and HE-VT shells for use against aircraft or for quickly destroying the crew of enemy boats that are more open.

At the stern of the MPK Pr.11451 is a rapid-firing 30 mm cannon, as well as two rotary torpedo tubes with SET-72 high-speed torpedoes — 8 of these in total.

Because of its size, mobility and firepower capabilities, the MPK Pr.11451 is going to be one of the better Coastal fleet boats in the game. It’s going to be very versatile in battle by charging towards capture points and holding areas of shallow water, divert fire of destroyers and set up torpedo ambushes, and generally be annoying to aircraft. Be aware of your surroundings, and we’re sure the MPK Pr.11451 will bring you victory and pure pleasure in naval battles.

That’s today’s blog. You can look forward to this new boat in the Seek & Destroy major update, coming very soon. See you!

Please note that this vehicle's characteristics may be adjusted before being added to the game.


A new russian boat, did not have that on the list, interessting

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Very soon…

So when will the F15C dev blog come ?

This is an intriguing Soviet Navy vessel, but we will have to wait for the major update before we can play it. I wonder if Gaijin will be able to release the update this week. It has been three weeks since the last live stream, which is longer than the usual cycle.

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i think there are issues with the fox3 missles, the balancing of the strela-2m sam missles of the kondor 2 in naval, and the modules and autoloader rework




It was on dev.

any news on next (naval) event?

You fix stuff by getting feed back from live server



Let me guess… 4.3 so it can make reserve DDs and 3.3 coastals from other countries suffer even more than they already do?

Bluewater and Coastal need different modes already, and given different aircraft BR between GRB/ARB can be decompressed now.


no pre-balancing is way better than live balancing, sorting out bugs and problems on a test enviroment is way less stressfull than live enviroment, also live servers will cause enought additional bugs, based on the amount of games played, we do not want a cyberpunk 77 release in war thunder

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did oversee it

It will only start about a month from now.

it should become the next event, but i think it will take a while after the update dropping

4.7 on the dev server iirc

ah - ok seems I missed this info