Moved from WoT to War Thunder & wow

Wow, not because I’m impressed, but wow how bad it is. WoT have gone about removing weak points from tanks to force people to use premium ammo to stand a chance of penning. But with War Thunder, it’s the opposite, everything is penning no matter where it lands.

Just playing T2 tanks & I’m constantly being penned through the gun mantle from a long distance like it’s made of cheese. Bunkered myself in with the Gun Carrier with only the turret exposed with 89mm armour & a fly shot from a Pz III J dead centre straight though like it was made of cheese.
Again playing the Cromwell V 69mm mantel armour & again, took a mantel shot but this time from another M4A1 Sherman like it was made of cheese.

Noticed this both in Arcade mode & Realistic mode, just wtf is the point of armour when it doesn’t actually do anything?

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Dont play britain, they have shit tanks. Play either of the big three, USA, Germany or USSR. There are quite a few skills to learn in war thunder. I would advice you to play arcade only to learn the basics, then as soon as possible play RB to advance your skill and get better at the game. You can use the “armor-pen-simulator” in the hangar to figure out weakspots on your own vehicle and on the vehicles you are going againt, around your BR (-1 to +1 br) The L48 on the Panzer III got some 145 mm of pen, but if you know that he is gonna take a shot at you, angle your armor so his shot will hit at an angle and defelct. But again dont play britain they dont have any good tanks before the centurion.

I dont want to be that guy, but ged gud.


I needed to hear that from another human being, because I was thinking I was taking the crazy pills for so long now. Well, here is a message: don’t go over BR 6.7. Best to stay lower even, because things are not getting all that much better. The German long 5 cm has ~100mm pen at 100m flat. Even more with APCR. You can’t trust armor unless it is on a KV1. And sorry to say that, but you missed the good armor meta by… a couple years.
Frankly, don’t trust armor unless it is heavily angled. And only trust armor, if you are not matched over +0.3 BR. Always use cover as much as possible and stay as far away from the enemy as possible, if you want your armor to at least do some work. Remember: everything below 800m is a knife fight for tanks. No wonder everyone pens everyone else.

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If you want armor play Russia

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Man, really makes you think why the most important things is not to be shot at to begin with and why target acquisition is so important


Sounds like you are used to HP bar and just rely on armor too much.

And why are you even playing shoe box when there is Matilda. If you angle with it, its awesome heavy tank.

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Thx for the information. Have fun with WoT. Bye

Ah, I’m probably used too used to the WoT style where armour was absolute with a HP bar.
I maxed out the USSR, British, German & US, then I quit due to what they were doing with the game, ruining it basically.

I’ll plod on though, my teenage kids want me to play with them & they chose War Thunder not WoT so here I go again lol. Just thought I’d post to see wtf was up with the armour. Clearly the game is completely different so still getting used to it. Only just figured out it’s spacebar to use machine gun lol

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Must learn to angle your armor and side scraping. Will help you a lot.

World of Tanks is an arcade game with specific sets of rules to learn and adjust to. War Thunder strives to be closer to the simulation side of things and thus is more realistic. Also even if there’s “ranks” of vehicles the match making is done on a traditional +1/-1 of the BR (battle Rating) of the vehicle which takes into account its performance and abilities.

The experience is different and honestly I find it far more enjoyable then WoT.

Yeah, it’s a steep learning curve that’s for sure lol But I am finding it fun though, which is the main thing.

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War Thunder are doing their best to ruin their game as well.

They recently spammed every nation with the M109 Artillery piece at WW2 levels and made the game even more farcical for us all, and we have to retreat to an even lower BR to get some common sense.

War Thunder has a better mechanic overall. UK plays out like a harder level setting in this game for something a little more logical and enjoyable early on try Russia or Germany.UK does not really on armour it relies on tactics early on with the possible exception of the Matilda and the Churchill at 3-4 BR.

You can one shot kill on WT as you would in reality. No real need to pay to play if you are into WW2.You might also be advised on here to get into CAS early on as flying is a big part of this game, it is not just for tank buffs unfortunately