Move VIDAR to 9.3

Thermal. Laser range finder. Howitzer. Do I really need to say anything else?
Well yes, all these howitzers have the ability to one-shot kill heavily armored vehicles. But they don’t have laser range finder, which can compensate for howitzers’ ballistics. And they don’t have the survivability to simply swallow my 9M117 or 3BM25 or 3BM42 or even a god damned round of 3BM60? Seriously Gaijin? Do we really have a more unbalanced vehicle in this game? Atlanta maybe?
To be honest, I’d say it’s fair to move VIDAR to 10.0. Well certainly gaijin won’t do it, cuz they are so thirty for money.


The vidar should be, at most, 9.0.
Currently it is balanced, maybe a bit too powerful in the rare case of a decent sniping map.

8.7 would be the right BR, as Sweden has a great lineup there.


Knowing gaijin the current 8.7 may be moving to 9.0 in the next BR changes

Vidar is the definition of overpowered with thermals, LRF at this low BR. Sweden is an extremly handhold nation (why?).

Imho also the other artillery pieces are a bit too low BRed. The M109’s and the russian pendant. They OSK most heavy tanks, are mobile and are suprisingly resistant to WW2 shells. Its no problem to pen them, ofc…but often trolly as hell.


In what way? Are you annoyed because a non-major nation is meta right now? You get to share a decent top plane, have 2 playable MBTs as backups, and an adequate SPAA. The STRV-122B+ is good, but a currently strong top tier does not indicate handheld


Sweden hand hold nation? Compare us to russia and their numerous dare i say it Overpowered Vehicles. PT-76-56 still wrecks at its br, Same with the newer vehicle that is being tested. Only good ballance that has happened is that the Bmp-2M that got its BR increased, altough then it got APFSDS so that pretty much nulled it. Or the SPAA at 5.7 that can take out heavy tanks?


ypu are the first one I know that thinks pt76-57 at 8.3 is wrecked. maybe you should say oh zsu57-2 is so op. I’d rather you complain about 2S38

I find your definition of rare confusing.
Plus, LRF benefits VIDAR more than just sniping, cuz it’s a howitzer, and usually it’s difficult for howitzers to directly hit an opponent at normal combat range(except in street fights), which compensates for their OSK ability. One way or another it’s a vehicle with one-shot-kill ability and survivability under 120mm and 125mm APFSDS shells.

9.3 is excessive imo. 8.3-8.7 would be perfectly fine for the vidar. Remember it lacks a stab. Thermals start appearing at 8.3 for vehicles without a stab so this would be pretty balanced imo.


PZH 2000 at 8.3 fr fr

yes please lol

You know, that PT-76-57 at 8.3 might not be as common lately, but when it does pop up, it’s still performs over the top, not exactly like it did before the Br Bump. but its still a menace. like the U-sh 405 was when it was first added.

Don’t even get me started on the ZSU-57-2. Seriously, that thing’s a joke. I’ve seen it struggle to do anything useful on the battlefield. hit it (or hit near it) once and you make a crater! I’ve played with it and against it, most players rush in it!

2S38. That beast is just waiting to ruin your day, while not as Meta as before it should not be overlooked, with SPAA qualities. its on par with the Strf 9040 variants. But having several advantages!

But what really gets me is how Russia gets all the good stuff in the AA department, while other countries like the USA, Japan among others are stuck with garbage SPAA options. It’s not just a high-tier problem; it’s a problem across the board.

The duster should not be you main SPAA at 6.7!!

When your counter to CAS is a howitzer or straight up another plane. there are serious issues!

We can’t just brush off the importance of having a diverse range of SPAA options across all nations and battle ratings. It’s about time we started paying attention to more than just howitzers with proximity fuses.

Seriously the VIDAR hype is dying down, and most people are right when saying its best on long distance maps. Thanks to its slow turret & elevation traverse, and huge profile. its comparable with the object 120. Being a glass cannon. only difference is that the K9 Vidar is HUGE

If 9.0 then it needs two-planes stabilizer lol otherwise 8.7 would be way too high even without it.

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The real discussion should be how Gaijin keep shrinking maps, and still basically keeping Progression for the higher tiers at a difficult level. Then we have helicopter grind, that even with the new system is still HORRIBLE!!

Forced renamed person…
No. Vidar is perfectly fine at 8.0.

MBTs have laser range finders at 8.0 and 8.3 themselves.
The Pz 2000 would be 8.0 at most as well.

In the hands of good tankers that are patient with their aiming.*

Sweden is superior by far.
BMP-2M and BILL are the same BR.
Sweden has 2 2.7s and a 4.3 SPAA that take out WW2 tanks up to 5.3, including
2S38, USSR’s Strf 9040C, isn’t 0.3 above it like it should be.

at least you can grind helicopter now without playing them, i got my tiger uht this way xD


bmp 2m is mediorce at 10.0

sweden is op nation

maybe you didn’t know, but other nations also have spaa capable of fighting heavies

  1. Strf 9040 BILL and BMP-2M are NOT comparable.

The Strf 9040 has the 40mm Akan m/70 with a okay Fire rate with 24 round magazines that has to be loaded one by one. only upside is the 173mm of pen at 500m

And the BILL Missiles requires you standing still, exposing you to enemy fire.

Bmp-2M has the 30mm Autocannon with a great Fire rate, together with a total of 250 rounds with 94mm of pen at 500m

But the greater difference is that the Bmp-2M can fire ALL at once of its missiles on the move no less.

okay, i was not talking about taking out tanks. I was talking about having SPAA being actual effective SPAA!!

Edit; oh wait yea, guess i had a brainfart

I’m so sick and tired of players using SPAA ignoring planes instead using them as TDs! Destroying tanks should be your last priority. I entirely blame Gaijin for not making Playing SPAA as a actual AA Piece rewarding enough.

The 2.7 40mm carriers are the bes- no i mean only option we really have For a SPAA untill 4.3 then you have the Lvkv 42 that you then have to use until the Finnish nightmare leopard

oh boy is the Lvkv 42 a POS with so limited ammunition its sad, and Gaijin choosing the Lvkv 42 a rare prototype that was never remotely accepted into service and with so little information that not even our National Armour Museum knows anything about it while literally having it in its inventory.

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