Move the T32E1 to 7.3

It’s kinda mid at 7.7 and not 100% frontally invulnerable so I think it would be funny to move it to 7.3.

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Perfect reason…

That aside, if you use the T-32 hull down, it becomes a much better vehicle as the weak frontal hull becomes a non-issue.

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There are plenty of vehicles even at 6.3 that can go through its hull with ease.
Not to mention how easily do slow heavy tanks get bombe-…

Actually, just realized who I’m responding to, never mind.

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Oh the pain of being disliked by someone I don’t respect on the Warthunder forums. When you can be mature enough to actually discuss things, I’m sure you would find we probably agree on a lot of things.

That is the exact reason I said to hide the hull. Most of the American heavies like the T-29 and T-34 have horrible hulls. Turrets can hold up for a bit though.

Actually move all 7.7s to 7.3 I hate light tanks and they deserve to suffer.

If he’s hiding his hull in a prolific position, the chance that he will get CAS’d approaches 100%.
On top of that, with how easy barrels are to destroy - and how relatively weak its hull sides are, and how the game is concentrated around small caps/objectives to capture, frontally well armored tanks with long reloads like the T32E1 aren’t very difficult to deal with whatsoever.

Many light tanks have tools to effortlessly go through heavy tanks. Unlike how it was in 2016, there are many light tanks which arguably have greater battle potential than almost any heavy tank. Light tanks such as the Ikv91 come to mind. Or the BMP-1. Or the Swedish BMP at 6.7 with a 4 second HEAT grenade that can effortlessly pen any Russian or American heavy tank.

I would also include many of the SPGs that were added recently, APDS vehicles in the British tree (which will pen but their post-pen is quite bad), the M-51 with 400mm HEATFS which will of course easily rend through any heavy tank and so on.

Not even counting CAS which of course is predominantly meant to be used on vehicles such as heavy tanks, and which is very prolific.

I would personally lower the BR of many heavy tanks quite steeply, but increase their spawn cost and increase the rewards for destroying them.

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Unironically sweden is the worst offender. Around 7.0 they get so many op tanks it’s unreal. Their 8.0 deck is ridiculous and makes any 7.7 useless in even a 0.3 uptier.

Yea, you’re not wrong there. The reloads make every mistake a death sentence. I usually don’t get bombed as much, but I seem to attract the attention of 155mm artillery platforms more often. As much as I hate the light vehicles with fast reloads and artillery platforms, I have finally reached those battle ratings to use them. It almost feels unfair to use the Vidar, BMPs, or Marders to leverage the missiles and HEATFS rounds they get against the heavies.

No 7.7 is 100% frontally invulnerable in uptiers.
T32E1 is fine at 7.7

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Give it a reload buff, and decompress 8.0 and up. That’s all it (and most of the other powercrept ~7.7 heavies) need.

Relatable, my Chieftain MK10 has the most death by CAS since I only use it entirely hull down in maps that allows it to, the turret is so strong many couldn’t kill me then have to resort an easy way out which is dropping bombs on me or shoot me from 50km away with their heli lol

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Players not wanting to get better and are using unbalanced tools?

Nothing new

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On this note, I want the M18 dropped to reserve BR.

The T32 has a 90mm with mediocre penetration and a 20 second reload rate. It fights Composites, LRF, and darts while also being the worst 7.7 heavy in the game by far in capability. Even the Conqueror is easier to play.

It has no reason to be a 7.7.

The normal T32 is barely better than the T26E5. The T32E1 is simply just not competitive at 7.7 and falls far behind in every conceivable aspect.

300mm of turret armor is not “barely better” than 177mm of turret armor. M82 shot is not “barely better” than T41s. 210 mm of effective hull armor from the front is not “barely better” than 200mm of hull armor with a machine gun port to nullify that armor. It suffers in uptiers, like every single tank except for 11.7s. It has the capabilities to be sucessful as a 7.7, but it isn’t for up close engagements. It’s strongest when it can be used at range, hull down.

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Both versions of T32 are sitting on too high B.R. for no reason.

But it is like that with many USA vechicles.


really? they both worked great for me. and personally I thought they were tough. really tough. then again I am used to the M4A3E2 76mm being marked as a “heavy” while pretty much anything yeets it. so just stopping one shell impresses me lol

For having a horrible gun for your reload and not being able to take a hit, yeah, it’s bad.

Keep and mind, the T32E1 is the same BR as the Maus and IS-4M. These vehicles have the same reload rate. The IS-4M has nearly the same mobility, a better gun, and better armor.

50mm Turret Difference. Not significant. T32 has less front Armor than a Tiger 2. The gun is worse than the Tiger 2 with the reload rate of an IS-4M. It does not have the angle performance on its shell to punch through the front plate of a Panther tank. Where are you going to find a hull down spot across the map anyway? And even then, the T32 was not made for that and it’s inferior in that roll to other tanks at its BR. This tank literally has nothing going for it.