Move the Sagitarrio 2 back down to 9.0

With the recent Battle Rating changes, the Sagittario 2 was moved up to 9.3.
While the Sagittario 2 is a decent aircraft, it is definitely not worthy of 9.3 where it can be tiered into fights with the F-5C, MiG-21SMT, F-104J, F-104G (CN), and J-35D.
How the hell is the Sagittario 2 expected to even be playable in a full uptier? At this point the treatment this one specific jet has been handed over the past few years is straight up comical. It literally sits at the same BR as the Ariete, which is it but much better. That’s like putting the F-4C at the same BR as the F-4E. Absolutely ridiculous.


its absolutely terrible. you hole team is either f104 or mig21/19. By the time you arrive at the battle with your slow subsonic the game is already decided… but muhhh murica suffers and the f104 needs to be 9.3…