Move the opposition tanks spawn further away in Ground Assault Arcade

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As it stands, there is no way to know where the enemy will spawn, and its not that unusual that when 20 tanks suddenly appear, anyone in line of sight is basically instantly vaporised.

This is a stark contract to air assault where the group can split up, you get time to react or even go an land in some cases. It can be close but doesnt feel unfair.

Ground assault by comparison feels like its there to be lost. The sensible thing, for example when heavies spawn is to flank them. But they spawn so close to the base and with so many groups round the map, that trying to do so or be in a position to flank is an instant death sentence rather than a strategic decision. With the weight of firing coming in and cross fire so intense from how close they spawn together and in relation to the centre, that all the cover provided is laughably useless and your positing good or bad, largely based on luck. Its particularly bad if you’re playing a bottom teir tank where you may legitimately be unable to penetrate the heavy tanks that spawn, watching the words “your shell has shattered” over and over again and so just become dead weight. Or alternatively, find WWII era heavy tanks eating FSAPDS and they might as well be armoured in paper.

These enemies should quite simply spawn further away and drive in. Rather then be able to fire at an effective range the instant they appear. This would allow players to actually react to their appearance and position accordingly rather than just having to make do with wherever the appeared. Often being shot in the rear. It took me a while but I understand why so many players just crash they planes into the biggest group of tanks they can find. Because the enemy density and spread is so complete the idea of keeping your tank in a location it wont be vaporised for more than 15 seconds is laughable.

This surely cant be the intended game experience and really isn’t fun for the players the vast majority of the time.


To add to this: PLEASE add additional cover for player tanks in all assault maps, we can’t live long enough to get to cover if we respawn in the middle of a match


+1 though Ground assault arcade as it stands now needs a rework or replace it with something similar to heli pve


I don’t have any heartburn with ground units charging in all the way from THEIR spawn zones to interdict enemy spawn zones. However, I ABSOLUTELY HATE when enemy aircraft spawn over or adjacent to ground spawn zones. Case in point: my vehicle is killed and I spawn a new vehicle. As soon as I appear on the map, I take a quick look at the mini-map where to go, no enemy aircraft on the map (or anywhere near me), go to normal view to move BOOM! HIT BY ATTACKING ENEMY AIRCRAFT. I cannot stress enough how much I hate this, almost to the point of cessation of play. A solution would be to have “blue” aircraft spawn on the same map edge their ground spawn zones are located. As is currently, I can see the appeal of gamers exploiting this to rack up their seal-clubbing kill counts on the cheap. This DOES NOT make for good game play. Rant over, carry on.

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Also, I would have things set up where tanks only spawn in one group at a time and the next does not spawn until the first is completely dead. Instead of three smaller groups from three directions, which even the most trolly of Russian machines cannot deal with, have one big group from one direction only.