Move sea fury and seafire fr47 to 5.0 or change hispano mkv belts

the plane is horrible, arguably the worst rank 4 plane with ground spawn right surpassed in dogshitness by the j7w1.

Imagine taking a p47 razorback, adding the bad low speed prop efficiency of the p51, add the overheating issues of the bearcat, add the worst gun placement of any single engine prop fighter, mash it up with the flight model of an early jet that sucks at low speed but also can’t get much faster than 800 ias and you get the sea fury.

It’s just horrible, even the guns are worse than hispano mk2, god knows why gaijin decided that putting hei api hei api on mkv was a good idea, why not give it hei hei api like hispano mk2? it might be way better at killing stuff while having little time for gun solutions. I’ve been getting simple effing hits on spitfires with the four cannons, then they blast me with only a single gun turning into their own axis while I haul ass away from the head on at 890 kmh at 6000km of altitude after zooming away.

I am still impressed how did I manage to score 3.4 kill death ratio on it while suffering so much with it. EVERY 5.7 toys with it if it has the same energy level, which unless you side climb into the past and let the game run for 10 minutes, they very much likely going to be in a higher energy state than you.

ok now you’re really taking it to another level, I love my Seafire

it’s pretty much the best fighter britain has at it’s BR, sure you need to fly it like a Bf 109 unlike all other british fighters but it’s really not that hard to get around it’s manoeuvrability problems

What’s next? claiming the Spitfire MK24 needs to go down too?


Not played much of the naval line (really need to fix that) but jumped into the Seafire FR47 and just blew the wing off a ME410 with a single round with stock belts. They are fine. Hitting like a truck like all Hispanos do.

Im actually kinda impressed this thing is only 5.7

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it does lack manoeuvrability compared to the other spits and it’s a lot heavier too which makes it’s Griffon much less effective

but nonetheless it’s still an awesome plane

Use tracer belts.

Also sea fury should be played at low/mid alt.

The seafire FR47 - is also a low alt fighter with counter rotating props so naturally it is heavier.

But seriously - use tracer belts.

the FR47 is pretty fine at high altitudes too once you reach them, the engine gets a lot more efficient up there

with pretty much all Griffon’s they are great up high.
FR-47 is an exception, it truly is a low alt fighter, it may perform ok a higher alts but nothing in comparison to other Griffons.
Have not flown it in a while, may give it a crack later.

there’s so much wrong with this you said here.

First of all, the sea fury plays more like a Do335 with ground spawn than anything, talking about such aircraft, it can actually out dogfight the sea fury from a same energy merge; the 109 absolutely mops the floor with the sea fury in every single aspect that is not straight line speed and it has the absolute opposite flight model. It retains better, rolls a lot worse but can somewhat equal with rudder, it has better handling, climbs so much better and has a better gun which is better placed. Even if you have to reverse it the bf109 can just not go down and you will never get back to the same energy level again. Even if the 109 was greedy it could just put the prop pitch to 100 and you will NEVER shake it off your six.

The best fighter prop Britain has in this game is the spitfire lf mk9 which is like a yak3u with extra steps and this is not my opinion, this is global choice; because you know why? It also out performs the sea fury by simply being able to acquire higher energy states quicker.

Now you really want the mk24 to stay at 7.0 playing like a vulture? It’s less of a 7.0 than the P-51H itself which doesn’t really need to wep all day since without wep it feels like a way stronger D30.

I have out fought Sea Furies every time and on, I’ve never been killed by one, I even managed to boom and zoom a sea fury main with 100+ days as fighter multiple times til I killed him… IN MY TU-2S. Hell, I’ve even handled them really easily in the i225 by simply going up.

If only the sea fury had actually good acceleration it would be justified to be 5.7 but it gets out accelerated by many things from 5.0 even. Talking about acceleration, why is the tempest mk2 at 6.3? because it has actual performance while suffering the same “noob unfriendly” BR that gets pumped up because only skilled players dare using it.

I checked your player card and you don’t play the sea fury; either it’s in other account or you definitely talked out of your bum.

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it’s worse than the other spitfires but yeah, it’s still awesome! Move it to 12.7!!

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I flew the 47 an hour ago, its dogpiss.
Always was though.
Only good thing is the crazy good wep.

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Does feel heavier, but was still able to turn fight most things without much effort. I need to spade a load of these naval fighters they are fun

I used it to grind the entire Griffon spitfire line when that was still all in one folder

I skipped much of that line, but have since researched every vehicle. Ive started making a bit of an effort to go back and play/spade the aircraft I skipped.

I can reccoment the MK24 spitfire

its a challenge to deal with Jets but its doable if you try it

but against props… F8F-1B and P-51H are easy targets if you use air combat basics, you can outclimb, outspeed and outturn them

Yeah, ive got some matches under my belt, but my experience. Im up-tiered 99% of the time and so generally avoid the Mk24. My usual go-to is the Plagis Mk9 at 5.7. Its an excellent aircraft and one of the few aircraft in the British TT that might actually be edging on the side of OP

thats kinda exactly why I like it so much

its not OP most of the time, you actually have to learn how to fight better and face the challenge of being the slowest aircraft in the match

Yeah… I dont have the patience for that. But its on my list for Sim

oh right sim exists, I wonder what bracket it’s in

Spitfire Mk24 is 6.7 in SB

So it will face

5.7-6.7 <---- current bracket as of posting

So all but the 6.7-7.7 bracket is probably pretty good for it

The Sea/Spitfire FR Mk.47 is a very good fighter aircraft at 6.0, why would you want to bring it down? It would be too powerfull if you do that.